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Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne Played Incestuous Mother and Son in “Savage Grace”… Eight Years Before their Oscar Glory.


If you found yourself watching the Oscars this year and thought to yourself, “Hmm…I would love to see Julianne Moore and Eddie Redmayne in a movie where they played mother and son, but they also have to make out, and one of them has to murder the other one,” then you’re in luck because it already exists!

Eddie and Julianne triumphantly emerged from the 87th annual Academy Awards on Sunday evening having won two of the night’s biggest prizes, but Eddie Redmayne and Julianne Moore have far more in common than their respective wins for Best Actor and Actress.


The pair once played a mother and son embroiled in an incestuous and consequently murderous relationship in Tom Kalin’s steamy 2007 film Savage Grace.

The film was based on the alleged relationship shared between Bakelite heir Antony Baekland and his mother, socialite Barbara Daly Baekland. Not only did Anthony suffer from schizophrenia, but he was also homosexual, which was an even bigger deal in the 1960s than it is today. To cover up her son’s sexual orientation, Baekeland spread rumors that they were having an affair. Why? Well, I guess she thought having an Oedipus Complex was better than being gay. The film also features a provocative threesome featuring Eddie, Julianne and co-star Hugh Dancy.


Read my article on Savage Grace here.

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Get High on Weeds: Seasons 1 – 4

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Lemon Incest: Charlotte For Ever (1986)


Here is an example of when real life flows into art. The French film Charlotte For Ever was written and directed by Serge Gainsbourg (French composer, writer, actor…) who also stars in the film playing the father of his real life daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. You may recognize her from another incest film The Cement Garden. In Charlotte For Ever things get very weird. Really weird, even for the eighties..


Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first thing Serge and his daughter collaborated on. They did a song and video together calledLemon Incest in 1984, when Charlotte was just thirteen. This song appeared on Charlotte’s debut album titled Charlotte for Everreleased in 1986. All songs except #8 (music by Soviet composer Matvei Blanter) were written by her father Serge Gainsbourg. In parts of the world, the album was released under the controversial title Lemon Incest. Mercury Records re-released the album in France in 2007 under the Lemon Incest title. View the track listings here and purchase the song and/or album from iTunes. If that’s not enough check out the video that takes place on a bed.

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Entertainment Tonight Interview with Vanessa Marano About the Nearly Incestuous Switched At Birth Episode


Bay and Toby and up having some very strange — almost romantic — interactions in the episode. How did it feel to play out those scene?

VM: Isn’t that the best part of the whole episode? It’s just too good. It was my favorite part of the episode by far. [Laughs] Lucas and I have had a joke from the very beginning where we go, ‘They’re brother and sister, but they’re reallynot.’ So we make that joke all the time that they’re this weird borderline thing because they aren’t related, but they grew up related. In the real world ofSwitched at Birth, obviously that didn’t happen, but it makes for great jokes. So [the writers] found a way to do it so it’s still super creepy, but our world doesn’t suffer from it. Get ready for hashtag Boby!


I laughed so hard during these scenes that I was crying. The look on Bay’s face when she realized her “brother” was hitting on her was priceless.

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Incestuous Folgers Coffee Holiday Commercial From 2009


Whoa! Good thing Mom & Dad interrupted at the end…

Read this funny article about “How to talk to your family about that Folgers incest commercial.”

I am jut not sure why this didn’t appear on ‘The Greatest Holiday Commercials of All Time.’

Watch the commercial.

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Feeling dirty? Here Are More “Soaps” to Clean You Up.


A few days ago I did a post on British soaps Brookside and Hollyoaks that contained brothers and sisters in incestuous relationships. Now I bring to your attention “cousins” who locked lips last year in Port Charles and some other soaps that contained incestuous pairings.


Guiding Light did the kissing cousins couple first in 2004 with Tammy and Jonathan known as “Jammy.” Surprisingly they became a major couple on the show and a fan favorite!


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Incest Storylines in UK Soaps “Brookside” and “Hollyoaks”


Brookside: In 1996, the long running series “Brookside” caused an uproar when it featured a storyline of a consensual incestuous sexual relationship between two sibling characters. Brother and sister Nat and Georgia Simpson were fully aware that they were related, but they still couldn’t resist getting it on with each other in what many saw as the storyline that initiated Brookside’s decline.



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Incestuous Los Angels in “Maps to the Stars” (2014)

Fire, drugs, incest… And two angry ghosts.


Maps to the Stars is a tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing fame, one another, and the relentless ghosts of their pasts. The film is meant to be a kind of parody of Hollywood and it’s stars, and is really over the top. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be the way it turned out!


The film is a satire of contemporary Hollywood depicting a communal nervous breakdown in a town so enclosed and incestuous that everyone is part of the same symbolic sibling-hood of fear. This is one, big, unhappy dysfunctional family, in which guilty souls are afraid of failure and haunted by the return of the repressed.

Maps to the Stars and its dissection of celebrity culture is ultimately more shocking than entertaining. In fact, I sat staring at the screen with my mouth slightly open quite a lot during this movie. Mostly when Julianne Moore strutted around the screen, delivering probably the filthiest performance of her career.


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When your incest blog is on…

I will now be responsible for depraving the youth one post at a time.


Look it’s Sue and Axl from the funloving incestuous comedy The Middle! Oh wait, my blog is cited on the article because that is where the Heckcest gif is from! And so fitting too, “The 9 Best Things About Having An Older Brother,” awww! That is me and my blog, being a good role model and showing the teens how to do incest right. LOL. Way to go, like literally check your sources…

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Incest Documentary Searching for Funding

Jan-Willem Breure, an award winning Dutch director, is currently working on documentary about consensual incest. It is the first documentary to challenge the incest taboo. The director has a history of taking on challenging issues. For example his previous documentary ‘Are All Men Pedophiles,?’ a documentary about sexism against men, won the Dutch Media Prize for Best Documentary of the Year.


Breure is currently in the early stages of production, and asked me if I would spread the word that he is looking for small and large donators to help complete the film. If you are interested in helping finance the film you can get in touch with Jan-Willem Breure through his website.

A public trailer is not yet available, but if you are interested in financing, he can give you more information on the project and give you a sneak peak!

For the latest updates and posts, keep checking Familiar Attraction on tumblr

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