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Mommy (2014)

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Kokowääh 1 & 2

A German author of fiction must deal with the sudden knowledge that he has an 8-year-old daughter from a one-night affair in Stockholm. Amazing foreign film. Til Schweiger, the star of the film, also wrote and directed it and it is his real life daughter that is in the film.

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Daniel & Ana (2009)

I was asked if I had seen this film in my mailbox. I had, and I recommend it. It is actually based on a true story and reveals a relatively unknown aspect of The Porn Industry. One of the main points of the film is that not all people engaging in online pornography are willing participants.


 Daniel and Ana are brother and sister, and best friends. Both are at pivotal, defining moments in their contented lives. Ana is about to be married, Daniel is a gregarious teenager discovering his personal and sexual identity. Yet their harmony is instantly shattered when they are kidnapped and something shocking happens which forces them to confront their desires and fears. Suddenly their old lives are a distant memory. Now, nothing they have known will ever be the same again.


Click here to watch the trailer.

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Perversions of love in “La Belle Bete”

La Belle Bête (2006), which translates to The Beautiful Beast, is another incestuous film from Quebec, Canada (see also BloodCadavres) by director Karim Hussein. The film dissects the bizarre intricacies of relationships within a perverse and neurotic family.

This dark drama explores the love triangle between a mother (Louise, who is a rich and vain woman), her handsome son Patrice, and her jealous daughter Mary.

The film deals wit themes of jealousy, vanity, emotional incest and murder. Scandalous director Karim Hussain explores the thoughts of the family members plunging us deep into their world where the rules of the outside world do not exist. As a side note you may recognize one of its stars Caroline Dhavernas from Hannibal.

Watch the film online here.

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“Oldboy:” Two Versions, Four Times the Incest.

A man is kidnapped and held hostage for years in solitary confinement. When he is inexplicably released, he embarks on an obsessive mission to discover who orchestrated his punishment, only to find he is still trapped in a web of conspiracy and torment.


You never stopped to ask the most fundamental question of all: Why did I let you go?

You won’t be sure whether to cheer or go to confession after you watch these intriguing and daring films! Oldboy is an amazing Korean film from 2003 directed by Chan-wook Park, who you might know from directing another incestuous film Stoker. Just recently, in 2013, there was an American remake by Spike Lee and I am happy to say that Lee’s is just as sick and twisted as the original. It is a film that probably wouldn’t have been made (or at least not to the large scale it was) if it weren’t for the acclaimed original. While a lot of critics feel that the sequel is a waste, I think that it is another way to get a great story like this out there to people who may not otherwise be subjected to it, or have access to the original. The films are shameless and depraved, and I am sure many people went into the film being absolutely shocked (and possibly disgusted.)



The inspiration for the Korean hit was actually a Japanese manga, that is why Park’s film has such an illustrated and visual feel. He also uses surrealism and fantastic semiotics that really adds to the film, like the angel wings.


I would recommend viewing this original version first so you can enjoy and understand all the references and homages in Spike Lee’s re-imagining.

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I highly recommend this amazing twin incest film Geminis (2005).


Meme and Jeremias are the younger children in a typical bourgeois family. Their mother Lucia is the dominant force in the household, believed to have total control over the lives of her family. But her fixation on upholding the niceties of upper middle class life has prevented her from seeing what is really going on under her roof. When the siblings’ older brother and his fiancee arrive home for their wedding, it seems inevitable that the concealment will be impossible to sustain and that hidden truths of the family will come to light. But equally it becomes apparent that if Lucia were to find out about the affair, there would be catastrophic consequences.

Geminis is the second film directed by Albertina Carri , one of the most acclaimed Argentine filmmakers, who is use to addressing controversial issues. In this film she tackles incest, never leaving the viewer indifferent.


With a middle class family with everyday problems at the center, and incestuous twins seeing each other in secret – the viewer feels like a voyeur into their affair.

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