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Lemon Incest: Charlotte For Ever (1986)


Here is an example of when real life flows into art. The French film Charlotte For Ever was written and directed by Serge Gainsbourg (French composer, writer, actor…) who also stars in the film playing the father of his real life daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. You may recognize her from another incest film The Cement Garden. In Charlotte For Ever things get very weird. Really weird, even for the eighties..


Surprisingly, this wasn’t the first thing Serge and his daughter collaborated on. They did a song and video together calledLemon Incest in 1984, when Charlotte was just thirteen. This song appeared on Charlotte’s debut album titled Charlotte for Everreleased in 1986. All songs except #8 (music by Soviet composer Matvei Blanter) were written by her father Serge Gainsbourg. In parts of the world, the album was released under the controversial title Lemon Incest. Mercury Records re-released the album in France in 2007 under the Lemon Incest title. View the track listings here and purchase the song and/or album from iTunes. If that’s not enough check out the video that takes place on a bed.

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