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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Kasablanka

    Hello. Maybe this could be useful to you

    How to Draw a Perfect Circle (2009),
    Legaturi bolnavicioase (2006),
    Zusje (1995),
    Daniel & Ana (2009),
    Beautiful Kate (2009),
    Liebeskind (2005),
    Lavoura Arcaica (2001),
    Drift (2001),
    Bez wstydu (2012),
    Paha perhe (2010),
    Labrador (2010)
    La passion Béatrice (1987),
    Agatha et les lectures illimitées (1981),
    Angels and Insects (1995),
    Mujo (1970),
    La caduta degli dei (Götterdämmerung) (1969),
    Höhenfeuer (1985),
    Delta (2008),
    Les diables (2002),
    Addio fratello crudele (1971),
    Cadavres (2009),
    The War Zone (1998),
    Himlen falder (2009),
    Moebius (2013),
    Madeinusa (2006),
    The Sweet Hereafter (1997),
    Schneeland (2005)
    Les blessures assassines (2000)
    Top of the Lake (2013),
    La reine Margot (1994),
    I pugni in tasca (1965) ,
    Feng yue (1996),
    Le moine (2011),
    Boku wa imôto ni koi wo suru (2007),
    Anklaget (2005),
    Incendies (2010),
    Caniche (1979),
    Saraband (2003),
    Sister My Sister (1994),
    Grazie zia (1968),
    Festen (1998),
    Hierankl (2003),
    Vidas privadas (2001)

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your wonderful list of films! Thanks for even including the release dates and incorporating so many from all around the world and in so many languages. They all look so interesting.

      I have seen Daniel and Ana and Sister My Sister (just haven’t added it to the site yet), but haven’t been able to track down the original version Murderous Maids. I also just watched Beautiful Kate last night which was very good. For the last one Vidas Privadas is that Private Lives (2001)?

      Thanks again for so many great recommendations!

  2. Brilliant site you have here! 🙂

    I have a movie suggestion too: Siblings (2004)
    “Joe (Alex Campbell) and his siblings have a couple of problems. First off, their stepparents are despicably evil. Secondly, they seemed to have killed them. Now this mixed up mess of half-sisters and step-brothers have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies, cover up the murders, collect their grandfather’s inheritance and somehow stick together as a family — all without getting caught. Not to mention Joe’s incessant need to keep tabs on his promiscuous sister, an eye on the precocious little ones and a lustful watch on the girl next-door. Growing up has its complications. Murder’s just one of them. ” (summary by IMDB)

    I have the movie somewhere (hopefully). The whole reason I got the film was because I hoped their was something more and it has been YEARS since I seen it but I remember being satisfied by it. I can’t remember exactly if something more happened or not but it should interest you too so if you get your hands on it you should check it out. 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Lady Wolf! I have heard of this movie and others have suggested it to me, I have it on my watch-list, so I will definitely check it out. It looks intriguing. Thank you for recommending it. I will post my thoughts on it on here & my tumblr ( as soon as I watch it.

      • Awesome!

        Also just watched The Reunion (2011) film (available via Netflix) which is about three half-brothers and a half-sister. Although the half-sister doesn’t appear nearly as much as the others, there is several scenes between her (played by Amy Smart) and her older brother (played by John Cena) that just scream a close relationship and really made the film for me. It’s a nice film otherwise, but that really made it for me.

  3. Hello again! I have watched both of your great recommendations – so thanks! They were both great, although I wish they would have pushed the brother/sister envelope a bit more in “Siblings,” because it already was dark and kind of touched on that (as well as the father’s relationship with the daughter.) I really loved The Reunion too. I never heard of that film before and thought as you did, that it was an all around entertaining movie and so fun with the siblings. I too loved the scenes between the sister and brother, especially when she was holding onto his arm. Plus Boyd Holbrook was pretty cute in it!

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