New site look

Check out the new look at the main page http://familiarattraction.tumblr.com let me know your thoughts!

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Donations greatly appreciated

Like the site? Please help keep it running by making any kind of a donation you can by using paypal here.

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Don’t forget to check out Familiar Attraction on tumblr!

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New year, new look, new posts!

Hello family! 

I hope you are enjoying your cest, I mean New Year! Since it is a New Year the site has a new look! I have been working tirelessly and overhauled the theme, updating tags, changing the youtube page, and adding special features. So give it a look at familiarattraction.tumblr.com and be on the lookout for a lot of new posts!

As always I look forward to hearing from you, so if you have an idea for a site feature, posts, or a recommendation please contact me!

Follow my social networks or send an email anytime to familiarattraction@gmail.com

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