Bullseye for Thea & Oliver in Season 3 of “Arrow”


Last week I caught up on Arrow and watched episodes 13 – 15 of season three; in other words the epic love story of Oliver and Thea. OMG these episodes, THE FEELS.


If you have been like me and a little discouraged with the show lately, and even contemplated not watching anymore (or have stopped watching), I strongly suggest at least watching these episodes. These episodes remind me of why I fell in love with the show Arrow and Oliver and Thea back in season one.


Thank you show writers for bringing the awesomeness of this show back. Cause it was a snooze fest for a while. 


Without giving too much away, a lot goes down in these episodes between Oliver and Thea (unfortunately no sex so lets just get that right out of the way.) A major secret gets revealed, there is a lot of hugging, they go on a couples retreat in the woods…Need I say more?


As is always the case for Oliver, when he is talking to Thea (if you didn’t know they were siblings) you would swear she was his lover. Everything Oliver does (and really has always done) is for Thea, but especially in these episodes. They even train together as one, LOL!

There is also flashback scenes when everyone thought Oliver was dead. He is in Starling City and spies peeping Tom style on Thea.  He probably even went up to her room and kissed her goodnight (pushing it?)


What did you think of the episodes?

For a heck of a lot more Oliver and Thea and some of the most memorable scenes from these episodes visit my Arrow tag on the main blog here.

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Get High on Weeds: Seasons 1 – 4

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Entertainment Tonight Interview with Vanessa Marano About the Nearly Incestuous Switched At Birth Episode


Bay and Toby and up having some very strange — almost romantic — interactions in the episode. How did it feel to play out those scene?

VM: Isn’t that the best part of the whole episode? It’s just too good. It was my favorite part of the episode by far. [Laughs] Lucas and I have had a joke from the very beginning where we go, ‘They’re brother and sister, but they’re reallynot.’ So we make that joke all the time that they’re this weird borderline thing because they aren’t related, but they grew up related. In the real world ofSwitched at Birth, obviously that didn’t happen, but it makes for great jokes. So [the writers] found a way to do it so it’s still super creepy, but our world doesn’t suffer from it. Get ready for hashtag Boby!


I laughed so hard during these scenes that I was crying. The look on Bay’s face when she realized her “brother” was hitting on her was priceless.

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Incestuous Folgers Coffee Holiday Commercial From 2009


Whoa! Good thing Mom & Dad interrupted at the end…

Read this funny article about “How to talk to your family about that Folgers incest commercial.”

I am jut not sure why this didn’t appear on ‘The Greatest Holiday Commercials of All Time.’

Watch the commercial.

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Get Ready to Fall for “The Fall”


If you haven’t checked out the amazing show THE FALL from Ireland and on The BBC, please do so. It is a dark, psychological drama thriller that is so well done. It examines the lives of two hunters. One is a serial killer who stalks his victims in and around Belfast and the other is a talented female Detective Superintendent from the MET who is brought in to catch him. I don’t want to give too much away, but the main character of Paul has some mommy issues. Jamie Dornan (who plays Paul) will be playing Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, and that character has some serious mommy issues too.

The latest episode (S02E04) had a scene where Paul’s daughter asks why she can’t marry her father – see my gifs here. That made me love this show even more. I thought I was the only twisted one to think something like this. Paul and his daughter are very close, she is the only one I think he truly loves. Not only that, but another spoiler scene hints at her following in her father’s footsteps, which I thought might end up happening.

What do you think of the show?

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Queencest: Forbidden Fruit in TV’s “Arrow”


What’s up with writers writing siblings like a couple on the CW?

Arrow is one of the reasons I started an incestuous blog a year or two ago. In season one of Arrow, Oliver & Thea had WAY too much sexual chemistry to be related. They seemed to have toned it down in season two though, much to my dismay and other queencest shippers.

Although there is a big age gap between Oliver and Thea, she seems wise beyond her years. Probably because she has had to grow up quickly after dealing with the death of their father and then thinking she had lost her brother. In the first season she tries to cover up her emotions by turning to drugs, even though she seemed like a strong person. Oliver is kind of like a father to Thea, because he is constantly trying to protect her. He even hides his identity from her, a lie that is constantly tearing Oliver apart, but time will tell if it pushed Thea away too. Keeping a secret like that from the person you love most in the world can’t be easy.

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Feeling dirty? Here Are More “Soaps” to Clean You Up.


A few days ago I did a post on British soaps Brookside and Hollyoaks that contained brothers and sisters in incestuous relationships. Now I bring to your attention “cousins” who locked lips last year in Port Charles and some other soaps that contained incestuous pairings.


Guiding Light did the kissing cousins couple first in 2004 with Tammy and Jonathan known as “Jammy.” Surprisingly they became a major couple on the show and a fan favorite!


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Incest Storylines in UK Soaps “Brookside” and “Hollyoaks”


Brookside: In 1996, the long running series “Brookside” caused an uproar when it featured a storyline of a consensual incestuous sexual relationship between two sibling characters. Brother and sister Nat and Georgia Simpson were fully aware that they were related, but they still couldn’t resist getting it on with each other in what many saw as the storyline that initiated Brookside’s decline.



Read more.

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“Sons of Anarchy” Summary: A Show About Deep-Rooted Mommy Issues.

Incest subtext in Sons of Anarchy. Oh ya.


Even if mother and son Gemma and Jackson “Jax” Teller are just doing a longing glance or hugging, it can sometimes be like ‘get a room!’ I have been watching the show for a few years, and if you haven’t been watching this show you don’t know what you are missing. It has been on for 7 seasons (this year marks the final season), but I came into it around season 3 or 4 and binge watched. It was initially photos of Jax and Gemma that really made me turn it on, even though I heard good things about the show.


It is similar to the relationship between Norma and Norman in Bates Motel in that they are very co-dependent and have that married vibe going on. Their relationship has also contributed to their volatile and aggressive behavior I think. Both sons and mothers in both shows will literally kill for the other and they don’t care what they have to do. There are also instances later in the series where Gemma is called “mama” a lot by her lover, and Jax’s love (and later wife) looks and starts acting like Gemma. Gemma has even asked Jax this season if he has a “mommy fethish!” There is also an interesting visual and symbolic switch that is ongoing between the two woman in Jax’s life.


Plus on top of the subtext that (like Bates Motel) can be subtle and sometimes not so subtle, the show has at least two cases of actual CANON incest involving siblings.

More from Sons of Anarchy on the main blog.

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Episode 9 of “The Leftovers” was Shiptastic and Filled with “Electricity!”

In my most recent analysis I attempt to explain The Leftovers TV show and the amazing episode that was episode 9 that was literally filled with electricity between brother and sister Tommy and Jill. Contains spoilers.


“We would absolutely love to make a circuit, wouldn’t we.”

As you can probably see by all the posts, I have been on a bit of The Leftovers bender lately. But I can’t help it, the show is filled with so many shipable pairings and even twin brothers! And the thing is you could see any of these pairings actually becoming canon since it is a show where anything can happen. Remember this?


Then episode 9 happened, aptly titled “The Garveys at their Best,” and the writers couldn’t have been more right! This one finally reunited the brother and sister pairing for the first time all season and the sparks flew!…Literally!


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