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Incestuous Los Angels in “Maps to the Stars” (2014)

Fire, drugs, incest… And two angry ghosts.


Maps to the Stars is a tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing fame, one another, and the relentless ghosts of their pasts. The film is meant to be a kind of parody of Hollywood and it’s stars, and is really over the top. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be the way it turned out!


The film is a satire of contemporary Hollywood depicting a communal nervous breakdown in a town so enclosed and incestuous that everyone is part of the same symbolic sibling-hood of fear. This is one, big, unhappy dysfunctional family, in which guilty souls are afraid of failure and haunted by the return of the repressed.

Maps to the Stars and its dissection of celebrity culture is ultimately more shocking than entertaining. In fact, I sat staring at the screen with my mouth slightly open quite a lot during this movie. Mostly when Julianne Moore strutted around the screen, delivering probably the filthiest performance of her career.


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