Faux Incest

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Whitney Houston daughter Bobbi Kristina marries ”brother lover” Nick Gordon (X)

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Grim “The Wild Hunt” (S03E12) 

I am not going to tell you about my first time, forget it.
If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.
You’ll think it’s stupid.
Aren’t they all? [Both chuckling] Okay.
My first time was with my brother.
Your brother Freddy? Seriously? Yes.
What about you? Well, it was with my mother.
Well, that had to have been a better experience than what I went through.
She must have at least explained it to you.
Oh, yeah, but still I mean what, you mean your brother didn’t Oh, no.
No, he pretended like something was really wrong with me, and when it came over me, I felt like I was having a hot flash.
I was sweating. I thought I was dying.
Oh, man! So you had no idea you “woged”? Not until I started crying.
Then he finally showed me what I looked like in the mirror [Laughs] I will never, ever forget how hard he was laughing.
That is terrible.
Well, he stopped laughing once I bit him in the ankle.
Oh, there’s an image I’ll cherish.
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TV: Twins & Forbidden Love in “The Fosters”

[The Fosters description on Netflix, I kid you not…]



The Fosters (ABC Family) revolves around a girl named Callie who has been going from foster home to foster home until a lesbian couple decide to take her in. The couple Stef and Lena have two other foster children that they adopted, twins Mariana and Jesus. Stef also has a biological son Brandon from her previous marriage to ex-husband Mike. It is a family show (kind of like 7th Heaven)  but at the same time it has a lot of daring story-lines.

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Scream! Evil Dead contains Incest!

Even if it does happen while someone may or may not be possessed. You know how it is in horror movies. Check out the clip here.

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Faux Incest in “We’re The Millers” (2013)

Oh yes, they went there. Read it and see it here.

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