Exploring The Last Taboo & The Ultimate Forbidden Love

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Attraction & Incest is Relative

Perhaps you are seeing the theme of incest or incestuous pairings showing up in more and more mainstream films, TV shows, and books. Well it happens more than you think, and this blog will showcase that.

This blog and its companion tumblr will contain posts and analyses of specific canon and non-canon relationships from various movies, TV shows, books, etc. They may or may not contain incest themes and for the most part be dedicated to brother/sister relationships. Other types of family relationships may also be explored for good measure and comparison. You can check out the pairings and ships page for these specific family pairings and some of the fandoms I can’t get enough of.

Enjoy and happy shipping “incest shippers.” If you are looking for a community of like-minded individuals interested in these taboo pairings from various fandoms, this blog is also for you!!

Canon & Non – Canon

What is the difference between canon and non canon you might ask? Canon typically refers to a pairing that are actually in a romantic relationship or are obviously headed that way based on what is depicted. An example of a canon pairing are Jaime and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Non-canon is a pairing that I or the fandom would like to happen. It might be just a fun loving relationship or there might be something heavily suggestive in the subtext. You might be watching a show and find two actors chemistry who are playing siblings are off the charts and just be routing for them the whole time. An example of a non canon pairing are Oliver and Thea Queen from Arrow. Non canon ships are sometimes more popular and fun. Usually canon incest couples are exemplified with a certain self-destructiveness and darkness that can be doomed or ill fated. Both canon a nd non canon relationships will be depicted on the site.

Academic “Incest” Review

This site will look at the psychological and sociological aspect of the last taboo (incest) as applied to works of fiction (film, television, literature, etc). It is important to look at this subject as it relates to and questions social norms, societal rules and structures.

Throughout history humans have been fascinated with incest. Stories, fables, literature, philosophers, and scientists have explored this mysterious topic.  As the nuclear family emerged in hominid and human evolution, sociocultural selection led to the development of the incest taboo.  It is looked at as critical to human survival, as incest threatens the species and patterns of human social organization.

Incest is a Popular Theme Among Filmmakers & Writers

As I was looking into this concept, I was mildly surprised to find that it is not at all an uncommon theme in myth, literature, the big screen and small screen. Incest between siblings is also a fairly common concept in Japanese animation (manga & anime).

The most well-known implication of an incestuous pairing is probably in Star Wars, where twins Luke and Leia develop a romantic attraction to each other prior to realizing that they are related. While there is definite sexual tension between them and even a kiss, it is replaced with filial affection once they both know the truth, and Leia herself becomes attracted to Han Solo before this fact is revealed, thereby conveniently avoiding tragedy.

The plethora of films, TV and books is what this blog will be focused on.

Familiar Attraction: “Home”

Of course, all these examples invite the question—why? While incest implies a breakdown of normal, human relations at the most primal level, at the same time, it is primal in and of itself, and falls comfortably into Freud’s concept of the uncanny—“that class of the frightening which leads back to what is known and long familiar.” (“The Uncanny”, p. 200). We are all attracted towards the familiar. Daphne du Maurier’s use of incest in her writing is related to the concept of “home” or the attraction towards that which is familiar, unconscious or not.

Who Am I? That’s A Secret I’ll Never Tell.. (LOL, Gossip Girl reference)

Now a little about me. I am a female (you can call me Paris), I am in my twenties from Canada. I have a lot of interests and passions, but I am an avid film, TV, and music buff. I have seen tons of films and TV shows  (probably too many to count) so whenever I find something of interest, it will posted here. I am always pleasantly surprised when I see incest has somehow made its way into something somehow, or I see a shippable couple. That is where this blog comes in, so I can give my reviews, recommendations and hear from you.

Why is this interest so fascinating to me? Well first I am very open minded. I find this an interesting topic to investigate and magnify, especially since it is becoming more and more common in a lot of popular shows, books and video games.  I am also always fascinated by the psychology behind shipping.  In general I think it might be that the doomed nature of such relationship appeals to my inner romantic side. I also find it scholarly important because incest is really one of the last frontiers in that respect where our society is concerned.

I think that taboo is quickly breaking with hit shows like The Borgias and Game of Thrones where it is a major part of the series and they don’t apologize for it. (Read my article on Game of Thrones incest here). These popular and magnetic brother/sister pairings; Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia fromThe Borgias, Jaime and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones and now Thea and Oliver Queen  from Arrow open the incest shipping closet if you will. Come out of the closet all you incest shippers, its ok! These types of gateway ships make it feel like it is not off limits anymore. Once you realize you like these pairings, there’s no going back!

The first gateway incest ship for me was Bill and Tom Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. That is where the search for incest in other forms really started. Bill and Tom are twin brothers in one of the biggest bands out of Germany. With them, the lines are blurred a little because they are not fictional characters, but real human beings. However, they are portrayed as characters and it is just fictional that people ship them this way. They are not living as a real couple out in the world – although they do live together. They also sometimes play on that image because some of their photo shoots and how they interact at concerts are very provocative and suggestive. I liked the music and the band first and was quite literally shocked when back in 2008 someone told me that I should read fanfiction about them. It soon became an obsession reading these fanfictions, and I even tried my hand at it. The fans call it twincest, or kaulitzcest and there are countless websites, fiction sites, and fanart devoted to them. It was the first time I realized that people could really ship this taboo kind of thing, and with others as a community.

Prior to them, I always liked movies like Cruel Intentions and remembered loving episodes when Boon and his sister from Lost were together, or an episode from Close to Home. But soon after Tokio Hotel I really started looking into it more and more. After I shipped these two, the floodgates were open and my mind was corrupted.

It was brought to life once more just recently when I watched the pilot of a new TV show called Arrow. I thought the electricity and dialogue between Oliver Queen and his sister Thea Queen was through the roof and knew other people must have saw it too. So I hit the net and with a few searches I was relieved to find that I was not alone, we even called it Queencest! That’s the thing about the internet, there is always at least one other person that might share the same interest as you.

I don’t have any siblings so perhaps I am fascinated with sibling dynamics and wonder what it might be like to have one. I am always happy to see siblings getting along and being there for one another. I guess I am also allured because family is blood and it is forever. It is upsetting when you are emotionally distant from your family and have poor relationships with them.

I like it when family members are devoted and loving to each other and the sex is just another way of expressing that, almost as if combining the best and most intimate parts of familial relationships and romantic and sexual relationships.

It is important to point out that these TV shows, films, books, and music are expressive art forms. The keyword is ART, since works of art can be depictions of people & situations that may not be real but are important ways to express and understand ourselves and the human condition.

Question Your Beliefs

We’re all guilty of making assumptions about how the world works, about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s hard to catch ourselves at it though. We don’t know what we don’t know. But try this: Next time you find your worldview challenged, take a step back and question whether your beliefs are a reflection of reality, or simply the result of the time and environment you live in. Promise I’ll try do the same.

Contact Me

You can follow me through tumblr, twitter, email (familiarattraction@gmail.com) or leave a comment on any post. I welcome all communication of any kind whether it be to  discuss any of the entries I’ve written, or just talk about shows, films, etc.

Please feel free to ask a question or submit relevant fandoms, films, tv shows, books, etc.  I always welcome any recommendations!


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad that I finally found a blog that is dedicated to incest ships! Like you, I’m an only child, and maybe that’s part of the reason why I find the concept of emotionally close siblings with incestuous undertones or outright sexual attraction so appealing. And when these ships prove themselves to be not enough to satisfy my fetish, there is always Literotica.com. 😉

    • I am glad you found me! I haven’t been to that site in a while, I wish there were more fiction sites for ships I like. What are some of your favorite ships?

  2. obsessed-with-brother&sisters

    Hi there, I believe I posted to you a while ago (though I forgot where I left the comment hah, I mentioned I’d leave a a list of some of the brother-sister related films I enjoyed, but then I forgot about it (sorry)).. I love your site and sites like this (though ashes4ashes is the only other I know).

    Question before I forget.. Is it just brother-sister incest that interests you/ that your site is dedicated to? If not what other couplings interest you?

    You mentioned you have no siblings (sorry if I’m too forward or lewd, feel free to disregard any questions), have you ever fantasied (sexually or otherwise) about having a brother or brothers?

    Personally I find reading or watching any kind of loving brother-sister relationships extremely interesting, from the typical to the full-on incestuous. Some I find entertaining, amusing, delightful or plain satisfying, others I find titillating (I love that word) and arousing. I also consider myself quite open-minded and don’t really see anything wrong with consensual adult incest between siblings, provided precautions are taken against procreation (I could go into a whole thing here, but I’ll stop before I start).

    Anyway, here’s are my lists of films and shows I enjoyed which feature brother-sister relationships (some incestuous some not). Hopefully you haven’t seen them all, and feel free to ask anything about any of them.

    28 weeks later
    500 Days Of Summer
    Almost Famous
    Another Happy Day
    Beautiful Craetures
    Beautiful Kate
    Burning Bright
    Cadavres (definitely an odd one)
    Cement Garden
    Close My Eyes
    Cruel Intentions(only step siblings but still good)
    Daniel & Ana
    Dazed and Confused
    Donnie Darko
    Dune/children of dune (the mniseries’s, I have not seen the lynch version)
    Eight legged freaks
    Enders game
    Enter The Void
    Father’s Day (odd..but funny)
    Flowers In The Attic (The newest one is best imo)
    Geminis (2005)
    Goodbye lenin
    Hansel and Gretel witch hunters
    Hotel Newhampshire
    House of Wax (2005)
    How to draw a perfect circle
    Imaginary Heroes
    Innocent Lies
    Into the wild
    Jeepers Creepers
    Jug face
    Jurassic Park
    killer joe
    Killing Me Softly
    Les Diables
    Magic Mike
    Midnight movie
    My Soul To take
    Our Idiot Brother
    Punch Drunk Love
    Remember me
    Siblings (2004)
    Sick Girl
    Starwars trilogy
    Stranded (2002 tv film)
    Summers blood
    The agression scale (step silbings but a pretty fun film)
    The Color Wheel
    the darkness
    The Dreamers
    The family (2013)
    The Hamiltons (The Thompsons was terrible though)
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The house of yes
    the last airbender
    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower
    The purge
    The Royal Tenenbaums
    the unspeakable act
    The War Zone
    Winters Bone
    You Can Count on Me

    A few I left out because I found the brother-sister parts were just too small:

    500 days of summer
    Fireflys in the Garden
    Harry potter trilogy
    LOTR’s trilogy
    Teenage dirtbag
    The hunter
    The Immortals
    VHS 2
    We need to talk about kevin

    I put’family’ (no pun intended) films in a seperate list:

    Aliens in the attic
    Bridge to terabithia
    Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s dead
    Lemony snicket a series of unforunate events
    Race to witch mountain
    The boy who cried werewolf
    Where the wild things are (I really wished they touched on the brother sister bit a tad more though (even if it was just the sister giving the kid a hug and being glad he’s home at the end) since it implied they had a close relationship at the start).
    Wizards of waverly place

    TV shows:

    A game of Thrones
    Arrested Development
    Dexter (don’t bring up the ending though)
    Freaks and Geeks (even though I found it fairly plain)
    Hemlock Grove (Underrated show imo)
    Heroes (I wish Claire’s brother was in it more though)
    It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (favorite sitcom)
    Rectify (love this show so far)
    Shameless US (Haven’t seen much of the UK version yet)
    Skins (Only the first 2 generations, and I didn’t care for the US version)
    Sons of Anarchy (Jax and his cute-as-fuck Irish half sister)
    The Borgias (so sad it ended just as it was getting good)
    The Fades (Very Underrated imo)
    The Vampire Diaries
    True Blood

    TV shows that I didn’t care for despite the brother-sister relationships:

    Ben and Kate
    Bored to death (even though I usually love Jason Schwartzman)
    Brothers and Sisters (I tried to stick with it, but despite all the brother-sister stuff I just didn’t find it interesting)
    Golden Boy (acting seemed flat :/)
    In the Flesh
    The middle
    Tru Calling (For me it seemed Eliza Dushku’s acting was pretty weak in this and the siblings weren’t believable)

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s about it.. yeah I’m pretty obsessed haha. Oh and since I couldn’t find my other comment; for me to see this/your reply(if you could bring yourself to read all of that:P), I just come to the ‘About’ section again?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi again, thanks for wait for my response. You wrote such a thoughtful and expansive comment I wanted to be sure to answer it fully and with some thought. I searched through the other comments on the site but couldn’t find yours – so thanks for coming back, writing that very impressive list, and for your wonderful comment. Thanks so so much! Very appreciative!

      To answer your first question, it is mostly brother/sister relationships that interest me, but I’m also intrigued and can appreciate (and therefore post) other pairings as well. On this site (and more so on my tumblr, which is really the main site – http://familiarattraction.tumblr.com) I have almost every kind of pairing. Mother/son, father/daughter, cousins, brothers, sisters, uncle/niece, etc because I want to highlight on these sites any type of incest (or at the very least subtext) that appears in mainstream fiction. It is interesting too as you can see where they differ or are similar in how they turn out in these films, tv, books compared to other pairings. All these couplings are interesting to watch, to see where they stemmed from, why they are happening, etc.

      As for your next question, I feel like I should have a stiff drink before I answer this one, or maybe you should take me out and we should get to know each other first. LOL, just kidding! No its no problem at all, and it makes sense you would ask that. I think people always wonder – what if? I certainly have thought before of what would have happened, or how my life would have changed, had certain circumstances been different – like if I had a sibling or siblings. That can definitely shape your life. I think it would have been great to have a protective brother or even brothers. Maybe even a sister.

      Have I fantasized sexually? If I want to imagine an incestuous couple I usually invent my own or use an established pairing. I mean, I guess since we our baring our souls here it would be like the best of both worlds if it had happened in real life.

      I totally agree with you. Especially now, I definitely take more notice and get really excited when there is a brother/sister relationship in something I am reading or watching. It is usually always a better story when it involves siblings. Then it is a bonus if you find out they are going to be incestuous. Then you just hope for a happy ending, because usually (especially in cinema) that is never the case.

      I just got another question that has to do with some of my views that I elaborate on a bit more as well, it is on my tumblr.

      Thanks again for your wonderful list. Yes, a lot of those I have seen or heard of. So many there are my favs too: The Cement Garden, Close My Eyes, Blood, Consent, Daniel and Ana, Cruel Intentions, Deadfall, Flowers in the Attic (can’t wait for the sequel), Geminis (which I just recently watched and went crazy over), House of Wax (which I just wrote a post on since I watched it three times), Oldboy (loved both version), Hostage, Another Happy Day, Perks of Being A Wallflower, The Dreamers, Innocent Lies, Hotel Newhampshire (wow that was daring for the time), Burning Bright (an all around awesome thriller movie), Shame (wrote a lengthy article on that one), The Hamiltons (I just adored the first but like you I wasn’t as fond of the second because the twins role was reduced so much), etc. Many of those and others you mentioned I have done postings for on the site.

      I have seen a lot of the other sort of non-canon ones you mentioned too but don’t even remember the brother/sister in many of them like Beautiful Creatures, or Darkness, etc…

      I have not seen: Imaginary Heroes, Creature (2011), Critters (might have seen it long ago but don’t remember it), Enders Game, Doom, 2:37 (think I started it), Beautiful Kate, Cadavres, Dune, Enter the Void, Goodbye Lenin, How to Draw a Perfect Circle, Jug Face, Jeepers Creepers, Killer Joe, Les Diables (2002), Midnight movie (2008), Serenity, Siblings (2004), Sick Girl (2007), Stranded (2002 TV film), The Color Wheel, The Royal Tenenbaums, The War Zone, Triloquist, Winters Bone, You Can Count on Me, Zusje (Little Sister). All those look great, I have been meaning to watch some of those for a while now but now that you have specified I will move them to the top of my ever growing list!

      Are you referring to the 1997 Father’s Day? I probably saw that sometime in the 90’s. Also is Otis from 2008? Punch Drunk Love from 2002? Turistas from 2006? Remember Me and Repeaters from 2010? I want to make sure I watch the correct films. Also is there another film called The Darkness or did you just mean Darkness? Thanks!

      Haven’t seen Rectify (but that looks good), Rome or Firefly, from the TV shows you recommend. Love all the others you mention, as you can probably tell from my blog (especially tumblr where I always post The Borgias, Hemlock Grove, GOT, TVD/The Originals). But can you believe it, I have only watched bits and pieces of Dexter. And I have only seen a few episode of It’s Always Sunny (hilarious) and Arrested Development. Do you like The Originals too?

      Like you, I am so devastated The Borgias ended! Perhaps it was too hot for TV, lol. But they really went there didn’t they. I also wish they would bring back Jax’s sister in Sons Of Anarchy. I have only watched the first season of Skins, but enjoyed that. I really liked the US version too (that also brought in the brother/sister relationship) but sadly that was cancelled. Haven’t watched UK version of Shameless either.

      I wasn’t a fan of Brothers and Sisters either and it is too bad Golden Boy was just such a terribly boring show because it had great potential – I made a post on that too when it first started.

      Well I hope I have done your questions justice. I will let all this stew with you. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks so much again for all your great recommendations and taking the time to write!


  3. secret

    Hey, thanks for the great response… It’s always nice to find you’re not the only one with a very unusual interest/obsession lol. I really don’t know why I find it so appealing and why I have done for so long. I’m quite a daydreamer, I’ll sometimes lie in bed awake for 3 hours or so just daydreaming.. I have a few favorite daydreams I like to think about; some inspired by books or films or shows but they all involve some sort of sibling relationship/s. Lol anyway I’ll try clear up any confusion on films and answer any questions you had 🙂

    You said don’t even remember the brother/sister in many of them like ‘Beautiful Creatures, or Darkness. It wasn’t a big part of Beautiful Creatures, but the somewhat evil witch played by Emmy Rossum (Fiona in the US Shameless) is the elder sister to the character played by Kyle Gallner…So not really much interaction between them but I quite like both the actors (even if the latter tends to be typecast as some sad/disturbed emo. lol).

    As for Darkness (and yes there is another film called The Darkness(I just watched the trailer for it, looks quite strange lol); ‘Darkness'(2002) is the film I was referring to. It has Anna Paquin who just moved house with her parents and younger brother. The younger brother was played by Stephan Enquist in his debut role, I think he was great considering his age, lack of experience and the adult themes of the film. It is very much a brother-sister film as Anna Paquin’s character is has a very loving relationship with her kid brother and she’s very protective of him. Also I thought it was a good film regardless: very well-acted, interesting plot, some nice twists, and of course it was very dramatic and creepy without resorting to gore and such, an underrated horror in my opinion.

    While on that subject: One of my all time favorite things in a film is where a protective elder sister helps out her younger brother who is going through something/having a hard time etc. Some of my favorites in this theme:

    -28 weeks later: You could really feel the love between them in that film, especially at the end when the younger brother thinks he’s infected and tries to run away from his sister so as not to hurt/infect her; whilst she doesn’t care about the risks and just wants to stay with her brother no matter what…pretty touching moment.

    -The Perks of Being a Wallflower: I loved how the main character phoned his sister in his moment of most need.. not his friends, parents, brother or favorite teacher (all of whom he is very close with) but his sister was who he wanted to talk to when he was at his lowest point. She was the one to whom he admitted the guilt he was carrying around the circumstances of his aunt’s death, and she did save his life by getting the police there and all.

    -Dazed and Confused: One of the greatest coming of age films ever, it would have been nice if there was more brother-sister moments, but it was still sweet how she was trying to be protective of him (which of course backfired) and it’s probably just my wishful thinking but I think there was some subtle jealousy from the sister when he was with her friend.

    -Almost famous: Another great film, it was sweet to see the little brother concerned about his sister when she’s going off on her road trip (or whatever it was), and him awkwardly telling her boyfriend for him to look after her. And then when everything falls through it’s his sister he goes to see. Again though, I do wish there was more brother-sister interaction.

    -Jeepers Creepers: From bickering siblings at the start to showing their true love for each other when the sister is offering her life for her brother’s life. A truly sad ending though 😦

    -Conviction: Based on the true story of a sister who never gave up on her brother, even when he was giving up on himself. He was wrongly imprisoned and after many years his sister finally gets him released.

    -You Can Count on Me: Orphaned as children the sister goes on to live a fairly typical life, the brother leaves to travel and seems very troubled. Some quite touching scenes of them.

    -My Soul To Take: Pretty ordinary Wes Anderson horror/slasher, but an interesting sibling dynamic, the elder sister appears cruel and harsh toward the younger for the first half of the film, her motivations are explained though and her demeanor toward him changes by the end.

    Dune/children of dune(the miniseries, I have not seen the lynch version)- There a whole bunch of love between the siblings in these miniseries, love and sacrifice. Ghanima (the twin sister to Leto) speaks about her brother at the end of the saga:
    “He runs and runs and runs, when he’s exhausted himself he returns to me, puts his head in my lap, and asks me to help him find a way to die. To save himself, from the sacrifices he must make, sacrifices for the future of us all.”

    “One of us had to accept the agony. He was always the stronger. History is written on the sands of Arrakis. A chapter has ended, swept away by the whirlwind. One door has closed but another has opened and on the other side… our future.”

    OK I’ll stop now.. got a bit carried away haha.
    (I didn’t really format the next part well, I didn’t want a wall of text so I just put random paragraphs; I’m very sleepy so sorry about that, also I didn’t type this all at once so I apologize if I repeat myself and for shitty grammar etc.).

    Nope not the 1997 Father’s Day; it’s http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1727261/ A very corny, gory, funny and strange but still very entertaining (not to be taken seriously).

    Yep Otis from 2008 and yep Punch Drunk Love from 2002; I usually dislike Adam Sandler but he is very different here and it was a good film.. though the brother-sister relationships were not very shippable (at all).

    Correct again on Turistas from 2006, Remember Me and Repeaters from 2010. Remember me has Robert Pattinson (whom I like despite the twilight films which I wasn’t a fan of(and neither was he apparently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFA6Ycch1EM lol)) who plays an elder brother with a loving relationship with his little sister (not really shippable since she’s so young but they still have a wonderfully loving relationship which is nice to watch (sad ending though)). Repeaters I don’t remember much of but i think it was pretty average.

    *Imaginary Heroes is great and well acted.
    *Creature (2011) is very corny and silly but has some pretty hot incest.
    *Critters is one of those old cult horror films and is fun to watch; a nice traditional brother-sister relationship where they start out fighting and end up looking out for and protecting each other by the end.
    *Enders Game I wish they had more brother sister stuff like in the book (I’ve only read the first one and it was a pretty big part of the book, also very shippable for a few reasons I won’t go into since it would take too long lol).

    Doom is a fun popcorn flick with twins who look out for/save each other, definately shippable, would recommend. 2:37 is a pretty grim Australian film about high schoolers, there’s a fairly brutal brother-sister rape scene so it’s not really a loving relationship lol..

    Beautiful Kate is another Australian film, pretty full on, though fortunately there is no rape in this one (though it does show a few incest scenes) a bit sad but a good film, would definitely recommend

    Cadavres is very odd, beautiful actress though and unexpected ending..not really sure what to make of it but I’d recommend it. The dune mini-serie’s are extremely shippable for many reasons.

    Enter the Void is visually stunning and I personally loved it; definately something going on with the siblings in this and I don’t want to spoil it but the ending..well yeah, just give it a watch :).

    I feel I’m making this a bit long so I’ll cut down the rest of my post a bit: Goodbye Lenin was decent but nothing special. How to Draw a Perfect Circle I don’t remember all that well but it was decent and had a few incest scenes.

    Jug Face was very strange (a cute sister is in love with her hot brother(who is an asshole and just uses her) then a bunch of weird shit goes down. Jeepers Creepers has another one of those ‘typical brother and sister relationships which later shows how much they actually care for each other by protecting/saving each other’ themes like in doom/critters/turistas etc, would recommend.

    Killer Joe is pretty good. Les Diables (2002) is a heartwarming film about a brother looking after his autistic(I think she was anyway) sister. Midnight movie (2008) is average.

    Serenity is fantastic, I’m amazed a brother-sister shipper has not seen this as it’s one of the most shipped pairings.

    Siblings (2004) has a brother and sister looking out for each other living with abusive parents. Sick Girl (2007) is a very grousome film… VERY. It features a psychopathic girl who is in love with her elder brother who is away in the army and looking after her innocent younger brother whom she loves also but not in a sexual way.. it’s a sad ending but I really liked it..something about the way an apparently evil girl shows incredible love for her family (I feel I should reiterate it is very gruesome though).

    Stranded (2002 TV film) an enjoyable. The Color Wheel is really great. The Royal Tenenbaums is only adoptive siblings but it is still great. The War Zone is pretty dark and full on and has a brutal father-daughter rape scene, but it’s worth watching for the interesting brother-sister relationship. Triloquist is one of the strangest films.. I don’t even know how to describe it or whether to recommend it; give it a watch if you have free time (I have plenty of that ;)) it’s definately…umm..something.

    Sorry I’m getting a little tired now I didn’t realize how long this was going to take hahah I should have just put a list of my opinions from best to last of the ones you haven’t watched (I’ll add that after this), Winters Bone had jennifer lawrence before she was really famous (I think it’s what got her into the spotlight), though her younger siblings are probably a bit young for shipping purposes it’s still a moving film about siblings love.

    You Can Count on Me is a nice film and has the dude who played the hulk in the avengers (too lazy to google his name lol). Zusje (Little Sister) I would recommend; it’s all about a brother and sister reconnecting after something happened in their childhood (can’t really say more without spoiling it).

    I can’t recommend Rectify enough, it truly is an amazing series and I recommend it to everyone. As for Rome; some it’s a little slow but has some very interesting characters as well as very interesting family-relationships (and there is an elder-sister-younger-brother incest scene).

    Firefly/Serenity…again I’m amazed you haven’t seen these, I bet the siblings in that are in the top 5 most shipped brother-sister characters (referred to as “CSI” or “Crazy Space Incest”).

    It’s Always Sunny is my all time favorite sitcom and is incredibly rewatchable and witty; my favorites are the middle seasons; it really is unlike any other sitcom in the way that so much of it’s humor is extremely subtle to the point that it probably goes right over the heads of a lot of viewers; many episodes have themes that are actually metaphors for issues such as classism, racism, the economy, the social system, etc.. Sometimes I don’t even realize the meta-humor until I re-watch an episode. A good example would be one of my favorite episodes: ‘The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award’ It’s amazingly written and there are plenty of jokes and hints at other ‘more mainstream sitcoms’, some subtle, some not so much.

    It’s always Sunny (the actual show) has not won any awards (somehow) while other more mindless sticoms win awards by using the same tired plots, jokes and themes over and over; and still get recognition. So the episode is about the gang wondering why they(their bar; which is the obvious metaphor for the show itself) hasn’t won any awards and then the gang visiting other popular bars (popular sitcoms) to see what’s so great about them.

    Eg. When they visit the popular bar it’s full of bright fake colors, everybody is attractive and smiling and laughing, there’s a ‘will-they-or-won’t-they’ love interest subplot going on with the bartenders (something just about every sitcom does), the bar has a ‘drink-bell’ that they ring then everyone in the bar drinks (obvious reference to laugh-tracks; telling the patrons when to drink, rather than them drinking when they want=telling the audience when to laugh even if it’s not funny=making it seem likes it’s funny). There’s one black guy in the popular restaurant and Mac and Dennis say something about the fact that’s ‘it’s weird that nobody is addressing the fact that he’s black, it’s weird to have one black friend and not be constantly addressing it’ (jab at how pretty much all sitcoms have a token black guy so they can fill in some race jokes (not racist jokes though (unless it’s reverse racism(since that’s ok with most people) since mainstream shows don’t risk being controversial).

    They also make a reference to a bar ‘just like them that recently opened up that everybody loved’ which I think is a hint at the show ‘Louie’ since they are both on FX and have similar humor (I love Louis CK by the way but haven’t actually watched his show yet).

    I probably explained that poorly and made it sound to obvious or lame but oh well hahah, basically there’s just so many little things like that on top of an already funny show that just put’s in on another level in my mind. OK rant about how great ITASIP is is over, I got carried away again lol I could go on forever hahah.. back on topic time.

    Arrested Development is probably the only other sitcom I enjoy at the moment, but I do think IASIP is a notch above. And yes I do watch the Originals, I need to do some catch up on that though. I was never a huge fan of TVD or TO but I like them enough to watch them, Klaus and Elijah are fantastic characters; I do wish there was another sister though since I’m not much a fan of Rebekah.. she just doesn’t seem believable as a 1000 (or however old she is meant to be) vampire.. and i find her a tad boring and predicable. Did you ever watch Buffy? To me TVD seems like a complete replica of that lol.

    (warning more off-topic stuff incoming).

    Short buffy/TVD comparison:

    -You have the female lead- buffy/elena (both have lost/will loose their parents).

    -The two guys fighting over her- spike/angle

    -One of them at first comes across as a bad guy (spike/damon) but as the series progresses he becomes less and less the bad guy until he’s just another one of the ‘team’. They even have the same history; damon/spike being the good guys when they were human and then they get turned to vampires by stefan/angel(or it may have been angels girlfriend)

    -The other (Stefan/Angel) used to be a super evil/brutal killer responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents, but they are now trying to redeem themselves (though around every 20 episodes they will turn evil again for whatever reason).

    -The best friend of the main character who happens to be a powerful witch- Willow/Bonnie

    -One Normal human friend with a heart of gold- Xander/Matt Donovan

    -The old wise mentor- Giles/Alaric Saltzman

    -The werewolf character- Oz/Tyler who has an ‘on again-off again’ thing going with one of the best friends of the main female lead, them being; willow and caroline respectively.

    -The annoying/emo younger sibling of the main character who doesn’t really contribute anything except needing to get rescued- Jeremy/Dawn; also it turns out that neither of them are actually the brother/sister of Elana/buffy respectively.

    Both are set in towns with supernatural history/elements.. etc etc etc. I’ll just stop there for your sake hahah.

    OK I’ll finish up on topic, with a list of the films/shows you haven’t watched, Split into 5 sections, 1 through 5.
    1=the best and you should watch them ASAP
    2=definitely watch these when you get a chance
    3=still decent, don’t skip them;)
    4=average but I would still give them a watch if I were you
    5=take it or leave it

    I’m going to list them in terms of which have the most enjoyable brother-sister relationships as well as general entertainment factor, so I’m not counting incest into the ranking (though I will mention which ones actually have canon incest).

    Also they are in no order in their respective numbered groupings (eg. 2:37 is better than creature even though I put it after it).

    1. Firefly and Serenity- get on these ASAP
    1. Rectify (It’s just finished it’s first season)- Great show.. really fantastic, lots of potential too; Simply can’t wait till next season. It might just be me but I do kind of feel some tension between him and his sister.. there was one moment where she heard him masterbating though I couldn’t really tell what she thought about it..couldn’t make out her expression.
    1. Shameless (US series)- Sorry I’m not sure if you said you had seen this or not.. if not get into it, it’s great. Carl is the man this last series, him and his girlfriend are so cute.
    1. The Color Wheel- small budget and not very well known, I still found it quite enthralling; the brother and sister are very believable and there’s a very hot ending.
    1. Jeepers Creepers- I loved the sibling dynamic, no incest in this but it’s a good film in itself and there’s real love between the siblings, has a sad ending though:(
    2. Rome (the series)- As I think I said already it takes a while to get into (like the borgias) but has great characters (like the borgias) as well as very interesting family-relationships (also there is an elder-sister-younger-brother incest scene(almost like the borgias:P) which I found pretty hot even though it wasn’t primarily about love.. it does show later that they both love each other in their own ways.
    2. Sick Girl (2007)- I put this up high because all the gore and brutal violence doesn’t bother me, there’s lots of love between the sister and her kid brother whom she
    looks out for, it’s a sad ending but I quite liked the way it ended anyway.
    2. Father’s Day (2011)- I’m putting this up high because it’s one of those ‘so bad it’s good’ movies, plenty of violence, gore, sex, incest, satan/satanic shit and of course comedy.
    2. Remember Me (2010)- A really strong loving bond between a sister and brother (R. Pattinson), my only complaint is the sisters a bit young so there’s no chance of sexual tension. Great performances all around and also a very surprising ending.
    2. Imaginary Heroes- a nice loving and shippable brother(Emile Hirsch)-sister relationship, also something else but it’s a spoiler 😉
    2. Les Diables (2002)- A truly Strong bond between a loving brother and sister (though they later find out they are not blood siblings)(also the actors are quite young and I think there was a bit of nudity, I wouldn’t let it put you off though)
    2. Beautiful Kate- consentual twincest sex-scenes as well as regular brother-sister relationships
    2. Doom- corny action, but fun, loving attractive twins, very shippable.
    2. Enter the Void- great visuals/cinematography, interesting story, very interesting brother-sister dynamic.. pseudo-incest/debatably full incest.
    2. The Royal Tenenbaums- A fun Wes Anderson film with lots of stars, brother is in love with his adoptive sister who loves him but isn’t sure in what way. Other than that it’s a good film and has equal amounts of humor, drama and one particularly sad scene that comes out of nowhere. It’s not really a happy or sad ending though.
    2. The War Zone- great acting by the female lead’s debut. good acting all round, one brutal father-daughter rape scene. Some conflicting feelings between the brother and sister, ultimately a not unhappy ending.
    2. Turistas (2006)- Brother and Sister bond while trying to escape from organ harvesters. I just always love the whole ‘brother-sister doing their best to get through some horrific scenario together’ thing in a film.
    2. Otis (2008)- A family bonds together after their daughter is kidnapped by a serial killer. After she escapes, her brother and parents (who think she was raped when she wasn’t) decide to hunt down the serial killer and torture him to death, except they get the wrong guy. Very entertaining flick, and while I would have liked more going on with the brother and sister, there were still a few moments..such as him filming her changing.
    3. Dune/Children of dune miniseries- almost incest… very loving sibling
    relationships, it’s a complex/long saga and may be hard to get into though.
    3. Cadavres- 1 incest sex scene+sexual tension throughout. Odd film, bit of a sad ending.
    3. Zusje (Little Sister)- A brother and sister reconnecting after something happened in their childhood (can’t really say more without spoiling it), it’s enjoyable and (surprisingly) has a happy ending for everyone.
    3. Stranded (2002 TV film)- This is in 2 movie-length parts, I liked it since I like ‘reunited siblings’. Kind of a family movie, happy ending.
    3. Critters- old and corny but fun, The brother and sister are cute together, I ship it even though he’s a bit young 😛
    3. Killer Joe- Quite an odd film.. well acted and there some real love between siblings played by Emile Hirsch and his ‘not-all-there’ sister played by Juno Temple
    3 Enders Game- I had high hopes for this.. they played down the brother-sister relationship a lot though. But I’m hoping there’s a sequel or 2 where they expand on the brother sister interactions. I’d recommend giving the book/s a try. I only read the first but it’s a fast, easy read.
    3. Siblings (2004)- 4 siblings try to hide the death of their abusive parents, lots of sexual tension between the two older siblings, though they are only step-siblings.
    4. How to Draw a Perfect Circle- Sorry I don’t remember much about this, I think it was quite good and I’m 90% sure there was actual brother-sister incest
    4. Punch Drunk Love from (2002)- Adam sandler’s best acting in my opinion. Has grown into an emotionally weak adult due to constant small taunts by his 7 sisters that eventually built up. Not very shippable since he doesn’t exactly get along well with his sisters.
    4. Repeaters (2010)- I don’t remember much of this so it can’t have been too good lol, but I do recall it’s mainly about a brother trying to save/help his sister.
    5. Creature (2011)- contains incest, I wouldn’t have bothered watching it if it wasn’t for that.
    5. 2:37- brutal incest rape scene.. nothing shippable, pretty depressing film, but still well made/acted
    5. Goodbye Lenin- pretty average in my opinion.
    5. Jug Face- odd film, 1 or 2 incest scenes with a cute girl and her selfish brother, nothing shippable.
    5. Midnight movie (2008)- corny slasher film, big sister looking out for her little brother, that’s all I watched it for.
    5. Triloquist- Very weird film, A brother who is autistic or something is travelling around with his hot sister. I think she has sex with him.. yeah it’s an odd film with an odd ending.

    Well…that’s it for now hahah, sorry if I repeated parts (since I wrote this in 2 separate parts about a week apart) and sorry for those 2 off topic parts of me ramblings about It’s Always Sunny and Buffy/TVD lol and I really cbf proofreading that so sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, and you don’t need post a huge reply back if you don’t want or anything, I honestly don’t mind I enjoy doing this:)

    Get watching rectify and serenity/firefly!

    Have a good week 🙂

    • Thank you so much for writing another great and informative comment! I was so happy to see you replied. I was scared when I replied to the first one (and even emailed you to say I replied) and it said your email wasn’t working. I wasn’t sure if I would hear from you again, so ya this really made my day. Thanks for taking the time, especially when you are so tired! You made really intelligent points despite being tired, so you must be really something when you are awake!

      Yes I really love Shameless, and now that you mention it I remember the bro/sis from Beautiful Creatures a bit now. I remember being really disappointed in that movie unfortunately though. Don’t know what it was, just nothing really different about it I guess.

      You will be happy to know I watched the whole first series of Rectify and you were right – outstanding. So smart on so many levels! Has commentary on economic, modern, religious times, etc. I agree with you that there seems to be something there between his sister. Even if it is nothing sexual, they have already stated they are emotionally invested in each other. The sister basically gave up a lot of her life trying to free her brother and even states that is why she is hooking up with his lawyer because “her brother is at the center of both their universes.” I think it is so cute too how she always calls him honey. It said in one of the episodes that she was 12 when he was locked away so they are about 5 or 6 years apart. He basically was taken away from her before puberty. All the actors on that show are so on par. I love how it is written and created by Ray McKinnon, he was one of the actors on Sons of Anarchy. I will do a brief post on Rectify asap. I also watched recently (before your recommendations) La Belle Bete (another Quebec canon film), Womb (about cloning), and In Secret (haven’t added this last one yet). They can be found (http://familiarattraction.tumblr.com)

      I think I might have seen Darkness when it first came out, but I didn’t really remember it at all. I watched it, and you are going to hate me, but as a whole I didn’t care for it, but it was still a good watch. You were right the brother and sister were adorable. It just didn’t make much sense. I do love those types of films though, where there is a lot of mysteries and suspense. I like Lena Olin too, she is in a really fun Swedish TV series coming to the states this summer called “Welcome to Sweden.” There is also a brother and sister in that (plus developed by the Poehler siblings.) But nothing earth-shattering to ship, aside from a great show. Lena was also in “Queen of the Damned” that the whole of the world despised, but I always enjoyed, lol.

      Thanks for your further expansion on some of those films. Yes, I too really enjoyed The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Conviction too. I saw Almost Famous too but will have to look back at that one as well. I have added Jeepers Creepers, Dazed and Confused, You Can Count on Me, Children of Dune and your other great suggestions to my watchlist.

      I wrote a post on here a while ago for My Soul to Take (See here: http://adf.ly/mpnPu). That was a super underrated movie that I really enjoyed although like you said,it fell into the trap of being just a typical slasher film. I thought it would have had a better twist if it would have been the sister or brother or something. Did you see The House at the End of the Street (http://adf.ly/mqVEm) that has Jennifer Lawrence and Max T in that as well. Definitely worth a watch.

      No, please, get carried away as much as you want! I love love love hearing your recommendations and why you like them, getting your two cents, etc. Thanks so much.

      I have seen Remember Me but don’t remember him having a sister, again I will have to revisit that. Thank you for clarifying the others. I have added them to my ever growing watchlist.

      I know it is funny I have not seen the Firefly or Serenity. But there are so many to watch! I have had others suggest that and some of the other films you have suggested but just haven’t gotten to them yet. I have had many of them on my list to watch for a while (like Beautiful Kate, The Color Wheel, Doom, A Perfect Circle, Royal T, etc. But I better get on all those asap! But by the time I watch a film and then try to do a post/review on it, keep up with other stuff on the blog – it all takes time. If you ever want to write some guest posts for shows or anything, please feel free. Or if you ever have any suggestions for the site or anything. Have you seen a lot of the films/tv shows I have posted? It is great that there are so many films out there with bros/sis or canon incest because just when you think you have seen (or at least heard of most of them) you keep discovering more.

      I don’t have a problem with gruesome movies like Sick Girl, I have seen a lot of them. Dead Girl was probably the most shocking I have seen, or The Loved Ones.

      I haven’t seen many episodes of It’s Always Sunny but I loved the one where Dee tries to make it big into comedy and Dennis basically declares his love for her. I watched that episode at least twice it was so funny. I will check out that episode you recommended. Like you said it is amazing how some of these shows get no recognition and other ones do over and over again. I got what you were trying to say, and like I said I welcome with open arms your enthusiasm! I get carried away too! It’s wonderful to be passionate about films/books/tv. I am obsessed!

      OMG I loved your Buffy/TVD comparisons! You are so right! I was an absolute humongous Buffy fan growing up and I think shows will always try and replicate it for years to come. Also when TVD came out that is when Twilight was big so they were probably trying to replicate that a bit too. I really liked TVD when it started but I found it got so bad last season I stopped watching. But now I have caught up and it is not too bad again. It is always better when someone goes evil, ALA Buffy, lol! I am sorry you don’t enjoy The Originals more, spioler alert if you don’t know or didn’t read my article on Klebekah (http://adf.ly/mqDAn). On the show, Rebekah ends up leaving mid way through. I thought the first part of the series was fantastic because it was full of so much angst between Klaus and Rebekah. There was even an episode where he basically goes after her stalker psycho like. I just hope she comes back because their relationship is what really adds so much depth to the show and I wish they would go back to being friendly and not always be shown as enemies.

      Thank you again for your comment and your rating system as well! I look forward to hearing from you again and watching your great recommendations!

      Update I also watched Beautiful Kate, You Can Count on Me and Imaginary Heroes! They were all fantastic films. I had meant to Beautiful Kate a while ago, but thanks to your recommendation I brought it out and gave it a watch. Did you read the book too? This is really the first film I have seen with a sad ending involving twins, I find twins usually have more of a happy ever after because they are just so meant to be. I like how they filmed all the Ned’s memories of Kate, like you were inside his mind. Do you think she was with Cliff too? And you were right, Imaginary Heroes was a surprise! I can’t believe I didn’t see that coming, but I guess I never thought they would go there.

  4. Ranny

    Hi. I just want to make a suggestion and you might want to put it in one of your list. I have been watching this Korean drama called ‘Slingshot/Story of a Man/ A Man’s Story’ (I’m not a Kdrama fan, but for this drama i make an exception because i really enjoy watching it). It is a thriller/revenge drama and you can read the synopsis here –> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Slingshot

    There is one of the antagonist character named Chae Do Woo, he has this obsession/possessiveness towards his twin sister. When i watched it, i can see that in every episode there are these vibes that imply that the only woman he ever feel was only for his sister. Every emotion he shows like when he was being a loving person, sad, hurt and anger only because of his sister (this is because since he a very evil person, he doesn’t feel any emotion except when he is around with his sister). What he really want is that his sister to be on his side because when she is not, he seemed to loss control and becoming more evil and hurting more people. There are a lot of scenes that show that he want in control of his sister life and want him as the only man that his sister can lean on and love.

    I don’t want to spoiler much, but i really recommended you to watch this shows. First 3 episodes might be a bit slow, but i promise you this that after you watched the episode one after another, you will be hooked up and what i can say it is one of the best korean drama/tv show that i’ve ever watch.

  5. Hi Ranny!

    Thanks so much for your recommendation! I have not watched any Korean TV shows, but I have watched a few Korean films. That looks really interesting and based on the plot you have mentioned sounds a bit similar to the villain Woo-jin Lee in Oldboy, another Korean piece which if you haven’t seen I wholeheartedly recommend.

    I managed to find The Slingshot online (http://www.dramafever.com/drama/139/1/Story_of_a_Man/), I believe that is the correct one. I can’t wait to watch it! As soon as I do I will do a post on it to share with the community.

    Thanks again so much 🙂

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