Queencest: Forbidden Fruit in TV’s “Arrow”


What’s up with writers writing siblings like a couple on the CW?

Arrow is one of the reasons I started an incestuous blog a year or two ago. In season one of Arrow, Oliver & Thea had WAY too much sexual chemistry to be related. They seemed to have toned it down in season two though, much to my dismay and other queencest shippers.

Although there is a big age gap between Oliver and Thea, she seems wise beyond her years. Probably because she has had to grow up quickly after dealing with the death of their father and then thinking she had lost her brother. In the first season she tries to cover up her emotions by turning to drugs, even though she seemed like a strong person. Oliver is kind of like a father to Thea, because he is constantly trying to protect her. He even hides his identity from her, a lie that is constantly tearing Oliver apart, but time will tell if it pushed Thea away too. Keeping a secret like that from the person you love most in the world can’t be easy.


The first episode is filled with sexual tension and even hidden symbolism. For example, during the dinner scene Oliver picks an apple up from the table, winks at Thea, and then leaves.


They made such a big deal out of Oliver taking the apple. They showed a close-up of his hand while he does it, all the while Thea is watching in the background. Then he winks!

Forbidden fruit! Thea is forbidden fruit to Oliver, and by snagging the apple and winking at Thea in front of everyone, he’s saying he doesn’t given a damn what’s forbidden.

Watch the scene and the other Oliver/Thea scenes from episode one here:

Thea walks in on Ollie as he’s putting on shirt. This is her first time seeing the scars on his body. She presses him to talk about what happened on the island. When he says he doesn’t want to talk about it, she gets upset. He then tries to tell her that he’s just not ready. She mentions that since he’s been back, he’s stayed distant to everyone. She explains how she used to talk to his tombstone. She said she felt closer to him when she thought he was dead.

This prompts Ollie to visit Laurel. He’s concerned when he noticed two police cars outside her place. Her father, the detective, insisted on police protection over her court case in order to protect her from the triad. She’s still upset from Ollie pushing her away in the last episode. They have a good talk over ice cream.

Tons more Oliver and Thea goodness can be found all over the blog in the Arrow or Queencest tag!

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