“Turistas:” An Absolute Must Watch for “House of Wax” Fans

Turistas – released as Paradise Lost in the UK and Ireland – is an American horror film about what happens when a group of young backpackers’ vacation turns sour in a Brazilian rural area.


Turistas was marketed as a Hostel type of movie, and did rather poorly during it’s limited release in 2006. I heard Brazil also tried and stop the movie’s release do to the picture being bad for the country’s tourism. I thought it was a gem of a movie and is even better than Hostel because it didn’t rely on gore or torture, and had more likeable characters… And a hot brother and sister doesn’t hurt.

Turistas is about a group of friends heading to Brazil for a summer get away. They include Alex (Josh Duhamel), handsome American take-charge dude, his little sister, Bea (Olivia Wilde) and her friend Amy. They soon meet other vacationers on their journey including London brothers Liam and Finn, and an Australian by the name of Pru.

Of course the most important characters are the brother and sister duo of Alex and Bea. We soon find out that Alex is present to chaperone his sister, which he is doing by pretending to be her boyfriend. MMM-hmm. Oh yeah.


Well…Don’t get too excited, they don’t make out in public or anything…


But much like House of Wax it is always exciting to see siblings trying to escape from these impossible situations together.


You can tell Alex and his sister are close and that he is really protective of her. In fact, Alex is inexplicably and unrealistically overprotective of Bea: she couldn’t go to Brazil unless he went with her; she shouldn’t put ice in her drinks because there’s the risk of dysentery; she shouldn’t have chosen a bus as a mode of transportation, etc.

Also like in House of Wax, there is a similar “homeward bound scene” and you want to know what happens when they get there. You just want to follow them around some more. You know this experience has brought them even closer to each other.

House of Wax




One particular scene I thought was interesting was while the gang were attending a local party at the beach. A random guy named Kiko (who is also a central player) asks Alex how many brothers and sisters he has, after asking Pru. He says he has “one, one sister.” Then he brings Bea over, kisses her head and puts his arm around her. It is is a real moment. Kiko comments how beautiful she is and Alex says “Kiko, easy Kikio.”


But in all seriousness, if some random, strange guy comes up to you and asks you how many siblings you have – don’t tell him! Just make it up. You have no idea what he’s up too and why he wants to know that, besides it’s none of his damn business!

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