Anything for the Family in “Blood Relations” 1988

“There’s something about you, something very…familiar.”


The members of a severely dysfunctional family get together at a snow-covered, isolated mansion in the winter. There the family members – including the father, an arrogant surgeon who may have murdered his wealthy wife – expose each others’ secrets, with surprising results.


After a few years living abroad, Thomas returns to the family mansion accompanied by girlfriend Marie. Grandfather is on his deathbed and only his father, neurosurgeon, Dr. Andreas Wells stands in the way of the inheritance. The couple plan on getting rid of dear old dad but he suspects their intentions instantly. What ensues is a cat and mouse game where disturbing family secrets are revealed, including how hung up Thomas is on his mother.

Blood Relations is a Canadian melodramatic shocker that exposes the secret proclivities of a rich and privileged family. There is a real incestuous tone throughout the movie that becomes really evident when we reach the films mindfuck of a climax.


Watch the whole movie on YouTube and let me know what you think.

Spoiler: Part way into the story I was expecting it to surface at some point that Marie was the sister or even a half sister (thinking his father had another life somewhere). However Blood Relations isn’t that obvious and will pull the carpet from under most viewers feet.


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