“Sons of Anarchy” Summary: A Show About Deep-Rooted Mommy Issues.

Incest subtext in Sons of Anarchy. Oh ya.


Even if mother and son Gemma and Jackson “Jax” Teller are just doing a longing glance or hugging, it can sometimes be like ‘get a room!’ I have been watching the show for a few years, and if you haven’t been watching this show you don’t know what you are missing. It has been on for 7 seasons (this year marks the final season), but I came into it around season 3 or 4 and binge watched. It was initially photos of Jax and Gemma that really made me turn it on, even though I heard good things about the show.


It is similar to the relationship between Norma and Norman in Bates Motel in that they are very co-dependent and have that married vibe going on. Their relationship has also contributed to their volatile and aggressive behavior I think. Both sons and mothers in both shows will literally kill for the other and they don’t care what they have to do. There are also instances later in the series where Gemma is called “mama” a lot by her lover, and Jax’s love (and later wife) looks and starts acting like Gemma. Gemma has even asked Jax this season if he has a “mommy fethish!” There is also an interesting visual and symbolic switch that is ongoing between the two woman in Jax’s life.


Plus on top of the subtext that (like Bates Motel) can be subtle and sometimes not so subtle, the show has at least two cases of actual CANON incest involving siblings.

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