Incest Documentary Searching for Funding

Jan-Willem Breure, an award winning Dutch director, is currently working on documentary about consensual incest. It is the first documentary to challenge the incest taboo. The director has a history of taking on challenging issues. For example his previous documentary ‘Are All Men Pedophiles,?’ a documentary about sexism against men, won the Dutch Media Prize for Best Documentary of the Year.


Breure is currently in the early stages of production, and asked me if I would spread the word that he is looking for small and large donators to help complete the film. If you are interested in helping finance the film you can get in touch with Jan-Willem Breure through his website.

A public trailer is not yet available, but if you are interested in financing, he can give you more information on the project and give you a sneak peak!

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2 thoughts on “Incest Documentary Searching for Funding

  1. Maxwell Burden

    I was curious to see what this would look like, so I asked for some more info and had a look at the trailer. Looks pretty good so far, very professional. Not that usual morbid curiosity type of documentary. So anyway, it gets a little donation from me and I hope it works out!

    • Thank you for lending your support Maxwell! I agree, It is very well done and professional. It should be a very unique documentary that will shine a light on an alternate angle of this topic for a change.

      Thank you for visiting and following my site as well, which is also in need of some funding. If only our passions could miraculously come with a money tree we could just plant, lol!

      I will keep you and everyone updates when the documentary becomes available.

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