“Love, Murder and Deceit” AKA “My Stepson, My Lover”

Richard Cory always gets what he wants
Including the woman of his dreams
Until he encounters his greatest obstacle
His son…

Caitlin Cory tries to resist the undeniable attraction to her stepson Eric that develops when her new husband, Richard Cory chooses to treat her like a trophy wife – leaving her at home while constantly flying off on business ventures while denying her a career opportunity of her own. When Caitlin hears a female voice on the phone, when calling her husband in a hotel room across country, she gives in to her desires and has an affair with Eric at his picturesque lakeside cabin. When Richard finds out, his jealous rage at first is directed at his wife, but soon he pursues his son with unexpected consequences. A classic suspense thriller made for CBS television by Carlton Media.

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One thought on ““Love, Murder and Deceit” AKA “My Stepson, My Lover”

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