Blood Brothers in “Fear Island” and “Dark Hearts.”

Canadian actor Kyle Schmid is in both of these films that contains incestuous subtext between brothers.


In Fear Island, which is kind of like an I Know What You Did Last Summer kind of film, there’s rather a lot of subtext between the brothers Tyler and Kyle. It is even implied they had a threesome with a young girl.


Contains Spoilers

They were both shown in a room with the girl, taking their clothes off and even video tapping it. This essential flashback scene is important to the film as the girl dies shortly after this and the film is trying to solve what happened to her, who was responsible, and who is taking revenge.

The voyeurism of brothers also comes into play in Dark Hearts, when Kyle Schmid’s character Colson (an artist) is making love to a rocker chick (Fran) and his younger brother Sam is videotaping it in the shadows.



Sam is also in lust with Fran and she later sleeps with him and he videotapes it (by mistake). Colson finds out about Sam videotaping him and Fran, so Sam explains that he taped them to be closer to her (sure, alright).

During this love triangle, one of the brothers even says that he wants to be with her – even if that means he has to share her. During the movie, you get a sense that these brothers do everything together, live together, etc.


Up until the end, you could almost see all three living together as threesome.

The real love story of the film is really the brothers. We also see some slight glimpse of an abusive and troubled childhood between the brothers that is the reason for Colson’s mental break. I won’t give away too much but he starts painting with blood and the film provides a fresh take on vampirism. Just like the brothers in Captivity, one of the brothers kills their father in order to protect them. This is also why they have established such a tight bond.

In the end, Sam and Colson are fighting and Colson accidentally shoots Sam. It is a supernaturalesque moment of Colson weeping into Sam’s arms.

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