Squatters (2014)

In the film Squatters (2014) a subplot of the film is about Michael’s sister who we are told overdosed. Michael mentions to his potential love interest Kelly that her death has been very rough on him, and one of the reasons his girlfriend had to break up with him.

The first screen-cap is from Michael’s graduation, and the gif is a clip of one of their last family dinners. The family always videotaped dinner as they “filmed everything.”

Also worth mentioning in the film is a scene between Michael’s potential love interest Kelly and her friend Jonas, whom has a crush on her. In the scene, when she is visibly high and men are wanting to take her home, he tells them to stay away from her. He saves her, carries her away and tells them she is his sister.  For the first half of the film we are not sure if they are brother and sister or not, but unfortunately they aren’t.

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