Petals On The Wind [Flowers In The Attic Sequel] Is En-Pointe…Incestuously.

Incest Petals On The Wind was crazy and amazing! But it actually drew in less viewers for Lifetime TV then Flowers In The Atticdespite more incest.


*Contains Spoilers*

Cathy and her brother lover (and now doctor) Christopher rekindle their romance ten years after being trapped in the attic of their grandparents house in Flowers In The Attic (read my article on the film here). They seem to be living the dream; Cathy is ballet dancer and Christopher is doctor. Turns out, they still have a few skeletons in their closet.


A decade after Cathy, Christopher, and Carrie escaped from their grandparents’ attic at Foxworth Hall, Petals on the Wind continues to follow the twisted plight of the family as they attempt to put their sordid past behind them, but soon discover certain secrets can’t be left behind. When Cathy finds herself in an abusive relationship with a fellow dancer, Julian, Christopher and Cathy are forced to face the forbidden feelings they developed for one another while coming of age during captivity. But when tragedy strikes the Dollangangers once again, Cathy returns to Foxworth Hall to confront her grandmother and seek revenge on her mother with a plan to seduce her husband Bart. When Christopher runs to Cathy’s side, the two are determined to start over again – together. (IMDB)


I really enjoyed this sequel as much as Flowers In The Wind, if not more, because this one had A LOT of incest! I thought the acting by the new grown up Cathy (Rose McIver, who is a dead ringer for Sarah Michelle Geller) and Christopher (a babe by the name of Wyatt Nash) were great, because they only had a week or two to prepare for their roles. Here is what they said about their characters in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Nash says that initially, he was “a little turned off” by Cathy and Christopher’s incestuous relationship. But eventually, he found himself rooting for them as a couple — with a few reservations, of course. “It’s almost as if they weren’t together, they would go on leading these half-lived lives,” he explains. “If I would have thought that they could have moved forward and had happy lives apart from each other, I think I probably wouldn’t have rooted for them as much as I did.”

For what it’s worth, McIver agrees with her co-star: “They know it’s a taboo, but nobody else understands them the way they get each other. They went through something that nobody should ever be forced into, and that trauma is really hard to connect with somebody else over,” the New Zealand-born actress says. “So I think [Cathy] finds a strength and a safety in Christopher.”

Even they ship them!


I thought Lifetime also did a good job with the 1970’s sets and costumes. Yes, the plot was rushed because they tried to condense so much into 90 minutes, but what can you do. I haven’t read this book so I can’t compare them there, but I have heard that these movies are drastically different. I really wish they would have made this a two part movie, or better yet, since Lifetime is making two more films based on the books, I don’t know why they didn’t just make this into a series. But I am really just ecstatic about the whole thing.


When the movie starts with a viewer discretion message, you know they’re gonna continue with the incest. Plus the promos pretty much gave that away. We are led to believe that nothing has happened in ten years between Cathy and Christopher, and after Cathy goes on a date with her ballet dancer Julian, their feelings for each other get unlocked again. We also discover Cathy had a miscarriage! On top of that, their sister Carrie hears them talking about it!


I also loved the fact that the movie showed four people discovering Cathy and Christopher’s secret; Carrie, Christopher’s fiance (guess that wedding is off), Cathy’s boyfriend, and even the grandmother saying “You opened your legs to your brother…”

Then they sort of emulate a scene from the first movie with Chris walking in on Carrie undressing and her saying:


Then she acts kind of jealous of Christopher and Cathy’s relationship. Even Christopher is weirded out by this…And he slept with his sister…Multiple times.

While Christopher is Cathy’s #1 fan at the ballet (and can we just appreciate how awesome this shot was in the gif:)


Carrie is backstage and gets felt up by Julian. Chris sees them and is all, “Only I’m allowed to seduce my sisters!” LOL, he doesn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking it.

Then we find out Cathy is pregnant with Julian’s child! Or is it even Julian’s. My guess is it’s Christoper’s because he remarks that the baby has his dead little brother’s eyes.

Throughout the film, Carrie is having a really difficult time in school, and heck just in general. She tries to send letters to her mother Corrine and tries to visit her, but gets rejected. She then kills herself with poison donuts, the same way her twin died in the attic.


Cathy then starts getting revenge on her mother by sleeping with her husband Bart. Not exactly incest, but you know, it’s a mom and daughter sharing a sex partner, so that’s also not so great. Plus she has his baby…


There is even a moment where Corrine goes insane and thinks she’s pregnant with Chris’ baby! Keep the crazy coming!


The highlight I thought was at the end of the movie, where Cathy and Christopher are living together as a full blown couple and raising Cathy’s two kids. And they all lived incest-y ever after… They are having a neighborhood party and even share a kiss! One of the neighbors even comments on how perfect they are! Oh if they only knew! I am sure that will come in the next film… I can’t wait!


As you can see, they really went for it with this sequel, and I applaud Lifetime for that. The love scene between Cathy and Christopher was not just on screen but long, and there was all those glances between each other during the movie, plus lots of kissing! My shipper heart is thoroughly satisfied.

Just the thought that a film like this was on TV, and quite heavily advertised just goes to show you how much more out in the open incest is becoming (although many people feel it is a trend right now.) I would have loved to see the reaction from people at home who didn’t know anything about what to expect from this movie and then bango!


Thank you lifetime!

More stuff from Flowers In The Attic & Petals On The Wind on the site can be found here.

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