Oedipus Complex in “Adore,” “Labor Day,” and “Spanking the Monkey.”


Adore  (AKA Perfect Mothers) is an Australian-French film where a pair of best friends since childhood (and neighbors) fall for each other’s sons. The film is based on a novella by British writer Doris Lessing called The Grandmothers. What is so sad is that the book helped win Doris Lessing the 2007 Nobel Prize, but the film version has received mostly harsh criticism calling it  ”mommy porn,”  “mother love down under,” and one reviewer said  ”This is possibly the most warped, incestuous, weird movie I’ve seen.” There are also countless that dive into the hidden incestuous nature and sublimation of it, like this one titled Adore-ing Pop Culture`s Last Taboo.  No wonder I love it.

Some have even compared it to the 2009 Saturday Night Live “Motherlover,” comedy music video:

“What time is it, dawg?” asked Andy Samberg in the video. “It’s time for a switcheroo,” replied best bud Justin Timberlake. In unison, they called out to each other: “We both love our moms, women with grown women needs. … To me, you’re like a brother, so be my mother lover.”


Adore is a story about childhood best friends, Lil and Roz (Naomi Watts and Robin Wright), who both marry and settle as neighbors in the same small seaside resort town where they grew up. Their hunky surfer sons – Roz’s Tom and Lil’s Ian – grow up together as brothers in turn. To quote Roz,  ”they are like young gods.”

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