A woman gives birth to her lover in this Oedipus by the beach flick “Womb.”


The perfect Mother’s Day film, no?

A woman’s consuming love forces her to bear the clone of her dead beloved in Womb. From his infancy to manhood, she faces the unavoidable complexities of her controversial decision.

The film explores the controversial topic of incest in a sensitive fashion. This, interwoven with the themes of cloning, loving, losing and letting go makes this film both unique and boundary pushing at the same time.

The film stars Eva Green (The Dreamers, Camelot) as Rebecca and Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as Tommy. We see Rebecca care about Tommy’s clone, and genuinely wants to be a good mother, but there’s an underlying foreboding with the possibility of sexual tension and incest.


Rebecca struggles to keep her feelings to being a mother, but there’s obvious jealously when women come into Tommy’s life, and thats the main conflict of the film. Certainly, this taboo possibility is the main drive of the second half of the film, but its much more than that.


Another interesting facet of the film is that it is mostly all shot on a drab seclusive beach house that reflects Rebecca’s isolation and loneliness.


I thought the most controversial (and mildly disturbing) moments in the film were actually when Tommy was a child, about ten years old. There is a scene where Tommy is in the tub with Rebecca and another scene where Tommy is mock-wrestling with his mother.


He then lies on top of her and says, “Now I can do anything I want with you,” to which Rebecca replies, “Go ahead.”

The scene, strangely infused with sexual tension, mirrors and foreshadows the one with the older Second Tommy.


My only concern about this scene is that it is with a young boy, and I have to hand it to the actors here because it must have been a little awkward. However, it is certainly provocative which serves the purpose of the film.

Back to the foreshadowing in the film, there is a lot of instances where that occurs. I don’t want to give them all away but I thought they were used very intelligently. There is also a social stigma presented in the film to do with clones and that forces Rebekah to further protect and isolate Tommy while growing up.

View the trailer. Purchase Womb on Amazon.

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