I highly recommend this amazing twin incest film Geminis (2005).


Meme and Jeremias are the younger children in a typical bourgeois family. Their mother Lucia is the dominant force in the household, believed to have total control over the lives of her family. But her fixation on upholding the niceties of upper middle class life has prevented her from seeing what is really going on under her roof. When the siblings’ older brother and his fiancee arrive home for their wedding, it seems inevitable that the concealment will be impossible to sustain and that hidden truths of the family will come to light. But equally it becomes apparent that if Lucia were to find out about the affair, there would be catastrophic consequences.

Geminis is the second film directed by Albertina Carri , one of the most acclaimed Argentine filmmakers, who is use to addressing controversial issues. In this film she tackles incest, never leaving the viewer indifferent.


With a middle class family with everyday problems at the center, and incestuous twins seeing each other in secret – the viewer feels like a voyeur into their affair.



As I am attempting to show on this blog (and which you have probably come to see by now) incest is quite a common theme in the world of cinema. However, this film approaches the subject matter in a different and unique way, and does not judge or play it as merely a tragedy or sin like a lot of films do. The twins are deeply in love with one another, and it is portrayed in a love story type of way, the only thing is they have to keep it a secret. It is up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions about everything you see on screen.

It is reminiscent of the relationship the twins have in The Hamiltons, or The Dreamers.  I find twins are usually shown to be the most “natural” lovers  in these types of films as they just seem meant to be together. In these types of films the twins seem to be in their own little bubble (or should I say womb) unaffected by what is going on around them.


The twins are shown as lovers, but the story doesn’t show how it began which is also interesting and lets the viewer fill in the blanks. You actually feel like a member of the household, spying on them, so to speak. There is also a neat scene when someone is watching a telenovela (Spanish soap) and in the show it is revealed that the man was actually sleeping with his sister! Even after viewing this, Meme has no problem fleeing into the arms of her brother.

This is a brilliant film that deserves to be seen. You can watch the film with subtitles (though not the best quality) on my youtube channel. Let me know what you think!

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