Welcome to Bates Motel. Enjoy your cest….I mean “stay.”

The show, based loosely as a prequel to Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” is amazing and has already been renewed for a second season. The first few episodes have already featured graphic rape, a violent stabbing and hints of incest.

Norman Bates and his mother Norma (gotta love their names) have already appeared overly close. When a young love interest came to the house to study with Norman, she was given the third-degree from an obviously jealous mom. That was followed by a seemingly jealous son as the mom went out on a date. The arrival of Norman’s half brother (my incest friend Max Thieriot) caused several odd conversations where he questioned the relationship. He also referred to his brother and mother as Mr. and Mrs. Bates.

Norman’s mom changed her top right in front of him and he turned away. Her reaction was classic Hollywood morality. “Lord Norman, I’m your mother. It’s not like it’s weird or anything.”

I love the mother-son dynamic. It will be fun to continue watching the oedipal, homicidal, progress of the shows central relationship.

Have you seen the show, what do you think? Check in to my tumblr for more!

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