Some of the Best Sam/Dean “Supernatural” Moments

Because we all know that Sam and Dean are erotically codependent on each other.

‘All Hell Breaks Loose; Part 2’ – Dean crying at Sam’s bedside. 
Sitting next to his dead brother, and the speech he gave about not been able to save him, was just mind-blowingly fantastic! He looked not only devistated, but also lost.
Sam crying over his brother’s body, in ‘No Rest For The Wicked’
So much pain in his eyes. I sobbed like a baby!
‘Mystery Spot’ when Dean first get’s shot.
He doesn’t die straight away, he dies in Sam’s arms, and looks at him before passing away. I just found that heart-breaking and just a brilliant scene. And of course, we didn’t know that he was going to go back in time. So we were shocked beyond belief when it happened!!
All Hell Breaks Loose; Part 1 – Sam getting stabbed and dying in Dean’s arms.
I’m a sucker for the angst! And Dean telling him ‘It’s not even that bad, come on Sammy’. And and the end the camera panning back down to him once Sam’s dead, and shouting ‘Sam!!!’ This is one of my favorite scenes if not my absolute favorite!

At the end of Season 2 when Sam finds out that Dean sold his soul for him he say’s:

“You’re my big brother. There’s nothing… I wouldn’t do for you.”

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