Shipping GOLD on Golden Boy

GOLDEN BOY is a police drama about the meteoric rise of an ambitious cop (Walter William Clark) who becomes the youngest police commissioner in the history of New York City, and the high personal and professional cost he pays to achieve it.

FREEZE! You have the right to …OK, ok so I wanted to see what this new TV show was like so I put on the first episode. What a pleasant surprise I got when I saw a very sweet and very shippable brother and sister on it! Although there are not that many scenes between them so far, the foundation is all there. A hotshot cop handicapped by his “troubled younger sister,” sound familiar? It is working for Arrow and coincidentally one of the creative forces behind Arrow is also behind this show! Keep putting the subtext in please!  Walter’s soft spot is serving as the sole caregiver and supporter of his sister, Agnes, a teenager demonstrating increasingly dangerous behavior. Walter and Agnes also reminded me a bit of the characters from a Canadian film Blood.

Agnes is played by Stella Maeve. I think the only thing I have seen her in is The Runaways. The good looking lead that looks like a young James Franco is English actor Theo James from Downtown Abby (which I have not yet seen!) I knew him from one episode of Bedlam I saw (I wouldn’t mind taking him to bed…) I guess what I am saying is I would like to frisk him…

Yes please throw in a couple tub scenes…

Ok enought drooling, back on track with the show Golden Boy. I have seen the first three episodes so far and there has already been a couple great scenes.

In the first episode we are introduced to her by her coming into the police station. He meets her outside and she says that her boyfriend Jackson, who she is currently living with, wants her to pitch in for food. He doesn’t want her with Jackson but doesn’t fight and gives her money and clutches her hand.


Later, Walter gets a call from Agnes telling him she just got out of the hospital! Jackson beat her up. Walter tells her she can’t be with a guy who punches her in the face and tells her he gets scared something might happen to her. We learn that their mother was always drugged out and their father was “some dumb loser”  (nice choice of words Walter). He says they don’t want to go back to how they started, so they must have had a pretty hard life. That is probably why Walter is so driven.  He tells her to get comfortable in his apartment and kisses her on the head.


She wants him to promise her that he won’t do anything to Jackson.  He smiles at her devilishly (we know what he has planned for that scumbag) and then we see him giving Jackson a taste of his own medicine. He arrests him by “finding”  heroin on him.

“Think locking me up gonna solve her problems,” Jackson yells.  “She’s no angel man.”  This only fuels Walters fire more as he throws him into the car angrily.

In the second episode he tries to help a young troubled girl who reminds him of his sister, and he tells her this repeatedly through the episode. He even goes above and beyond trying to help her and eventually gets himself in trouble. He gets Agnes a  job at a local diner. On top of him eating there regularly, he also pays a cop to go there and get coffee and donuts for the office regularly.

“Freshen you up hun?” Agnes asks him while wanting to refill his coffee cup. He gives her this very confused look. He must have thought his fantasies have came true, or maybe its because Owen (his partner) is sitting right there!


She says she is working on her dinner lingo (ya, whatever you say Agnes).

Walter introduces Owen to his sister and it doesn’t take long for Owen to note Agnes’ general friendliness — something Walter sometimes has trouble displaying. But when Walter explains that Agnes is living with him rent-free  as long as she keeps “slinging hash” at the diner, Owen begins to reconsider his partner’s kindness.

“You know you come off like some kind of lone wolf, but in reality you’ve got, like, a cub back at the den,” Owen jokes.

At the end of the episode he is back at the diner and STARING at Agnes. Like looking her up and down, he even covers his mouth as if to hide some expression.


“Why are you staring at me? She asks. “I don’t know you’re good at this,” he quickly replies. Good at hypnotizing him maybe… Good save Walter 😉

She catches on that he is the one sending in a cop everyday to get coffee and donuts and says “thank you, big brother.”

In the third episode we learn he has had a one night stand with a blonde woman from some bar. Yay a shirtless scene!

It’s 7 am and he says she is supposed to be gone – because his sister is due home from her shift. The girl says that “unless she is 6 or doesn’t think your straight she shouldn’t care.” He says it’s because he is trying to be a positive influence.


Once the one night stand leaves, who walks in but Agnes! They have breakfast together and she asks him if he has ever had a relationship last more then a week. He hasn’t and she says she hasn’t either. She then goes on to say that it’s because they were abandoned. He thinks she has been reading a self help book but she says she has been discussing it with someone at work. He doesn’t really like that she has been talking about “them” with strangers. She says she has been thinking about “them” a lot, but he hasn’t.


Cute scenes in episode four of Golden Boy. Agnes steals Walter’s toast and wants him to investigate where their parents are. At the end of the episode Walter gets drunk (to celebrate closing a care) and comes home totally smashed and decides he is dying for an ice cream bar!

All in all this could be a really good show, just keep giving us more Walter and Agnes! Stay gold yourself and watch Golden Boy on Tuesdays!

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Have you seen Golden Boy and if so what did you think?

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3 thoughts on “Shipping GOLD on Golden Boy

  1. Hi, Paris! (No, we don’t actually know each other, but I’ve seen your comments at Astrid’s blog.)
    First of all, I have no idea why I haven’t visited your blog before. I’ve got A LOT to catch up on.
    Secondly, I’m so glad you did a post on ‘Golden Boy’! I decided to watch it when I found out that the main character has a younger sister, and I definitely haven’t been disappointed.
    Yes, Walt and Agnes are really adorable together and extremely shippable, but I also think that they’re the perfect example of how siblings should be. I mean, I don’t really see any UST between them like Thea and Oliver Queen, but I ship them because of their close relationship.
    I was actually thinking that Stephen Amell and Willa Holland could take acting tips from Theo James and Stella Maeve about “normal” sibling interaction. I like how Walt could kiss Agnes on the forehead, and how Agnes could reach out for her brother’s hand (at the end of ‘Vicious Cycle’), and it all seemed perfectly normal because the other person reacted appropriately. No excessive touching or “eye sex” like Thea and Ollie, haha.
    Also, in the last screencap above where Walt is running his hand through his hair in seeming consternation when Agnes starts talking to him about her relationship issues – such a Big Brother move. It’s like he’s thinking, “Oh no, girl stuff. I have no idea… And I don’t really want to know about my little sister’s love life. Why is she telling me this??? O.O”
    Speaking of acting choices, I was also thinking that Theo is the complete opposite of Stephen; Walt is SO expressive while Ollie is the Master of the poker face (I like his scenes on the Island because he shows more expression).
    I’m quite worried about all the cancellation rumors surrounding ‘Golden Boy’, but I’m so hooked as long as it lasts. I hope more bro/sis shippers support this show and keep it alive!
    Lastly, I really must say: I think it was just adorable the way Agnes said, “Time for bed” in that singsong voice when she was taking the ice-cream waffles from Walt. The two of them are so cute!
    P/S: Sorry for all the repeat half complete comments earlier! I think the whole post didn’t go through because there were too many “smileys”.

    • Hey aK! So great to hear from you! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I am so glad you found my blog. I just started a wordpress about a month or two ago, I have been busy bringing over some of my posts from tumblr. I have a tumblr ( I started a few months ago but I wanted to have a wordpress too so awesome people like you can follow and comment (you can follow and comment on my tumblr too). I have seen so many films/TV with shippable bros/sis I just had to start a blog! I have a queencest blog too (, although sadly I haven’t had a chance to update that one as much lately. There also hasn’t been those great eye staring moments in the last few episodes!

      Now that you point it out I agree that Theo and Stephen’s acting are drastically different. I really love Theo’s acting, I agree that sometime Stephen trying to have a poker face makes him come off as stiff or showing no emotion. I wish he would just break down and cry or something in a future episode. How can he go through all he has been through and not shed a tear, even when he is alone.

      Walter and Agnes are so sweet, the latest episode just shows what a great bond they have and how Walter is so concerned for her well being. I will probably do a post on that episode. Sometimes he acts very authoritative to her and like a father figure he is so concerned. She is SOOO dependent on him and fragile that I guess a romantic relationship might occur if she started misreading the signals. I really hope they don’t cancel it!

      • Hullo. Sorry again for “spamming” you with my previous comment!
        I think I’ve actually been to your tumblr. Thanks for the additional info; I’ll be sure to check out all your writings/posts.
        Yeah, there haven’t been that many “questionable” Thea/Oliver moments in the past few episodes of ‘Arrow’. I think maybe they were getting worried about the Queencest vibes and scaring people off. But you can still tell that Thea and Ollie like being around each other though (when they’re not arguing, that is). Ollie just seems more relaxed and his smile looks more genuine when he’s interacting with Speedy. Or maybe it’s just me…
        I don’t know why ‘Golden Boy’ has been getting some hate, especially about how arrogant and unlikeable Walt is, but I think his character has developed greatly from the pilot and I just don’t see his cockiness anymore. I’ve never seen Theo James in anything else, but his acting is superb in this show (not sure about the accent, but as a non-New Yorker, it works for me in that I wouldn’t suspect that he’s a Brit if I didn’t know. I mean, with Rupert Friend in ‘Homeland’, I suspected that he wasn’t American). You can really see how conflicted Walt is, and I find myself seriously wondering how he manages to sleep at night (because he must have a lot on his mind, not because of other bed related activities XP)!
        I like what Owen said, about how it’s like Agnes is Walt’s wolf cub back at the den that he has to care for. Because you know how fiercely loyal wolf packs are, and that just speaks volumes about how strong the bond between Agnes and Walt is.
        I look forward to reading your entry about the latest episode of ‘GB’! 😉

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