The Borgias: Incest on TV

The amazingly sweet and gush worthy Cesare and Lucrezia moments of the first season of The Borgias.

Episode 1 & 2 – “More than I love you?”

Absolutely everything about how we are first introduced to these two is incredible. Her spying on him through the window with another woman, them frolicking around, him laying on top of her declaring his love to her. Just this scene alone is a miracle and enough to fulfill the entire ship, but this is not even the half of it! There is also the scene in the church when their father is becoming Pope that he touches her chin and tells her he doesn’t want her getting married (to anyone other than him.) Also in that episode he tells his mother he would die without his sister.

Episode 3: Abelard and Heloise are mentioned by Cesare, they are one of the most celebrated couples of all time, known for their love affair. They will be a reoccurring symbol of the relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia. As in episode 1, Cesare once again invades Lucrezia’s space when he proclaims what he will do to her husband shall he ever harm her.

“I shall cut his heart out with a dinner knife, and serve it to you.”

It is the way he says its the words to her that makes you feel like he would do anything for her. He briskly moves her over to the wall and gets so close to her that you are sure something is going to happen.

Episode 4: So many amazing things happened in this episode. Cesare taking care of Lucrezia when she is sick in bed, heartbroken about Gem. “You’ll always have me,” he tells her. In this episode you finally get use to him calling her “his love.” He seems to do in it every scene!

Also in this episode we see Cesare ripping off his outfit in anger after marrying Lucrezia to her new husband! At the wedding party Cesare sees that Lucrezia is nearly asleep and declares to her new husband that “it is past her bedtime.” He carries sleepy Lucrezia not just out of the wedding party (that should really be her husbands job) but carries her over the threshold and right into bed! Cesare tenderly lays Lucrezia on her bed and kisses her cheek.
Episode 5 & 8 : We were so spoiled with every other episode that these episodes feel like you are trying to get down from your sugar high! They are really the only episodes with no C/L moments. But even in episode 8, after finding out that Lucrezia is being held hostage by the French king tells his father they better not have hurt her.Episode 6: They are reunited again and Cesare picks her up and spins her around and she talks to him about her new marriage. Cesare and Lucrezia attend their brothers wedding and Lucrezia proclaims that she hates Joffre’s new bride because she is too beautiful.Cesare replies with “If you hate beauty dear sis, you must hate yourself.”Episode 7: Cesare wants to know about the pleasures of her new husband, the king. He looks sick when he finds out what he has been doing to her. That one of his pleasures includes the marital bed, in which Cesare replies that he hates him already. He blames the king for taking her innocence away.

Episode 9: 

Lucrezia: I’ve missed those hands
Cesare: And I’ve miss that face

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