Incestuous Vibes at that House at the End of the Street (2012)

Katniss’s new neighbor keeps girls chained in his parents basement and pretends they are his sister Carrie Ann.

*Contains Spoilers*

I thought this was a really good thriller and that the subject matter was daring for a huge hollywood movie featuring a huge star, and now academy award winner Jennifer Lawrence.  Max Thieriot also stars in this dysfunctional family thrill ride as the twisted boy at the end of the street. Although the film itself does not really have “incest” in it, it is suffice to say that Max’s character (Ryan) was codependent and obsessed with his sister.

House At The End Of The Street (25)

We find out that she died in an accidental swing accident and long story short – he kidnaps girls, puts blue contacts in their eyes and drugs them so that he can have his Carrie Ann. When  Elissa movies in down the street and they start to have a romantic relationship and she eventually finds out his dark secret, he realizes he can’t have both Elissa and Carrie Ann. He then tries to turn her into Carrie Ann. That too is pretty incestuous, like he can’t fathom having both a girlfriend and Carrie Anne.

This is not Max’s first rodeo in dealing with the subject of incest. He has also been in films with other “My Soul to Take,” Family Tree,” and the new TV show “Bates Motel.” He is also set to star in the film “Yellow.”

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