The Hotel New Hampshire (1984)

Jody Foster and Rob Lowe do racy flick.

 “Frannie and John are out here foolin’ around with each other again. They’re perverts.”

“You and Frannie have a bomb between you. One day it’s going to blow you both away unless you do something about it.” John retorts, “On day, we’re going to have to do something about the bear in you.”
John continues to Frannie, “I love you. Sorry, but I do.” She says she loves him, too, “Terribly.” John muses, “One day we’ll have to.”
An amazing brave film (based on the book by John Irving) that deals with the subject matter very openly from the 80’s. I was quite shocked watching it, how much they did go there and how two such popular leads (Jodie & Rob) played them. Their relationship is amazing. John and Franny, in a rare case where it doesn’t end badly.
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