Harry & Max (2004)

Two brothers, 23 and 16, who are both teen idols, come to terms with their dysfunctional family past and deep affection for each other.

Watched this June 13th, 2012 when I was watching a lot of “oh my god” movies, this movie being one of them. I was aware oftwincest and twincest from various online communities & shippers, but I had no idea there were a handful of movies that actually brought the concepts to film.

I watched a short film sometime ago about brotherly love called “Star Crossed,” but I didn’t hear about Harry and Max and From Beginning to End until recently. I am also shocked with the number of films that deal with incest (The Dreames, The Hamiltons, Close My Eyes, The Cement Garden, Ma Mere, and Blood) – all of which I have seen.

Harry & Max and From Beginning to End are both great films too, even though Harry ans Max is a little too much like a fan-fiction come to life. LOL!

For those of you that like twincest, you will especially laugh at the thought that they are “pop stars!”


The film centers around teen idol brothers, Harry (Johnson), and Max (Williams). Harry is at the end of his career while Max is just starting his. Harry is heterosexual, whereas Max is gay and, despite his youth, has come to terms with his sexuality.

During a camping trip, matters get further complicated by a partial resumption of an incestuous affair between the brothers. The fallout from this further muddles both their lives, as they attempt to understand their feelings for each other and to protect each other in a world in which everybody, including their own mother, seems to want to take advantage of them.

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