From Beginning to End (2009)

From Beginning to End (2009)

Watched this June 13th, 2012. It was amazing!

Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual.

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3 thoughts on “From Beginning to End (2009)

  1. Niobe

    I love this film. Actually this is one of my two favourites out of the films depicting incest theme. And also my favourite one out of the films portraying man x man relationships. (And beleive me I saw lots of films dealing with these two subjects so there is a big selection to choose from 🙂
    This film perfectly corresponds with my concept of the idealistic, perfect, true love. According to my interpretation this film symbolizes the beauty and power of unconditional and devoted love. A love when you have so strong feelings for somebody that blood relations, gender, social norms become unsignificant. A love which is so strong and solid that it seems to be predestined.
    I wached this fim over and over several times but I can not get tired of it. I wrote a long and detailed review about it but because it is not in English I can not share here.

    If you like this film I also recommend the book “The Carnivorous lamb” by Agustín Gómez-Arcos. This is a very interesting and great novel which really makes you think. The film actually uses lot of ideas and several dialogues word by word from this book although the main story, characters, familiar relationships and the atmosphere is totally different.

    My other favourite film dealing with incest is an anime TV series called Koi Kaze. It is about a brother ( the twenty-seven-year-old Koshiro) and a sister ( the15-year-old Nanoka) who meet and fall in love each other after beeing separated for several years due to their parents’ divorce. The story portrays very honestly, beautifully and heartbreakingly how the love forms between the siblings and how they are struggling with their feelings and try to fight against it (especially Koshiro). I higly recommend this anime to everybody who is interested in this subject and likes romantic but still realistic, touching beautifully told stories.

    • Miguel

      I liked this film a lot. It presents the theme of incest but with no bad psychological after-effects. Also, it shows what many men would like to feel but are ashamed to try-the true love between siblings-in this case -two brothers. Love- true love- can be shared between siblings, parents, and whoever we fall in love with-as long as it is nurturing, expanding, and strong. Love is a feeling- we humans are equipped with the great desire of experiencing love-who can tell you who to love? This film is very good at presenting the theme of love -in this case”gay” and between brothers.

    • Thank you both for taking the time to comment. Niobe, thank you for your other recommendations. I will definitely check them out! It is amazing how much anime depict incest. I haven’t had a chance to check many out, but will give your suggestion a go!

      I really adore this film and everything it stands for. It is so daring and brave. It deals with two taboo subjects so openly and beautifully. I was so amazed when I first watched it. It is hard to believe a film like this exists out there, but I am amazed every day when I stumble upon things with incestuous themes – that they can get made. It is also one of the only incest films where there is not a tragedy at the end. In fact, the ending is quite filled with hope that they are going to stay together forever. It is really a great love story in every sense of the word.

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